Job Summary: AmeriCorp Program
Client Support Specialist

Circles Salt Lake County is a nonprofit with a mission to reduce poverty throughout Salt Lake County. We do this by building bridges of friendship and community that support individuals and families on their journey from surviving to thriving. Circles is looking for an energetic people person to fill our Client Support Specialist role to work with children and adults.

Circles primarily works with families born into poverty and refugee arrivals that are working on improving their economic situation.

The Circles Salt Lake Client Support Specialist is a full-time position. The schedule is typically Monday through Friday with some weekend or evening work on occasion. Our weekly meetings are held on Thursdays evenings. This position will work directly with our Circle Leaders (participants) and their families helping them to manage their goals, connect them with the resources, improve their job opportunities, and foster a healthy children’s program.
Primary Responsibilities: Description & Responsibilities
● Weekly Meetings
○ Attends Circles Weekly Meetings (currently via Zoom).
○ Coordinates transportation for Circle Leaders and their families.
● Circle Leaders
○ Assist with screening and enrollment of new Circle Leaders.
○ Interview families and transcribe their stories for the purposes of data collection, marketing, and outreach.
○ Meet with Circle Leaders in person, either in the community or in the Circle Leader’s home when necessary.
○ Assist Circle Leaders with understanding service options available to them.
○ Provide ongoing support to Circle Leaders, including relationship coaching, connecting to community resources, and success and advancement in the Circles program.
● Allies
○ Assists with screening and enrollment of Allies.
○ Provide ongoing support to Allies, including intake interviews, relationship coaching, relevant information about community resources, exit interviews, and training.
○ Facilitate Allies’ direct involvement with Circle Leaders to access services.
● Community and Agency Relations
○ Works with agencies / nonprofits and service providers to facilitate coordination of information.
○ Brokers services with all agencies and organizations such as DWS, CAP, Housing Authority and others.
○ Markets Circles to agencies to continue stream of Circle Leader referrals.
○ Keeps literature stocked at agencies.
○ Communicates with other agencies, if agency desires, on progress of shared client.
○ Attends meetings with agencies representing Circles Salt Lake.
● Other duties/ roles
○ Keeps client information and agency workings confidential.
○ Attends meetings with agencies to provide information about Circles Salt Lake’s programming and client needs.
○ Connects community members with services and resources available.

This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive and employee will also perform other
reasonably related business duties as assigned by supervisory personnel.
Desired Qualifications: Additional Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
● Excels at digital programs and communication (a large portion of our work is currently remote)
● Great time-manager (manages a detailed calendar and task-management system)
● Maintains positive work environment by behaving and communicating in a manner that fosters good relations with clients, volunteers, co-workers, and supervisors.
● Excellent writer
Benefits / Why Work for Us: The paycheck is provided through the County & Federal Government so your work will be stable.

Americorp Program Details
2021 AmeriCorps Service Year
Living Stipend = $18,850.00 annual
= $727.10 every two weeks
Education Award = $6,345.00
What is AmeriCorps: AmeriCorps is a voluntary civil society program supported by the U.S. federal government, foundations, corporations, and other donors by engaging adults in public service work, with a goal of "helping others and meeting critical needs in the community. "The program is often seen the domestic Peace Corps.
Members commit to full-time or part-time positions offered by a network of nonprofit community organizations and public agencies, to fulfill assignments in the fields of economics, education, public safety, health care, and environmental protection.
"Getting it Done" the Duties: Our AmeriCorps member's activities and interventions will provide services under the "AmeriCorps Economic Opportunity focus area"; which includes housing and employment opportunities to the homelessness community and formerly homeless residents such as refugees. Members will serve under the direction of case management teams throughout the community's private non-profit organizations and government divisions.
Training: Members will participate in agency training activities to increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities for delivering client services. Attend AmeriCorps training sessions and participate with AmeriCorps service projects. Members will experience personal growth including professional skill development and work experiences.
Minimum Requirements:
• Clear a full FBI Criminal Background Check
• Must be 21 years of age or older
• High School Diploma or GED. *some or College degree in social services a plus!
• Must be a Legal Resident or Legal Citizen of the United States
• Valid and current Utah Driver's License and Drivers Auto Insurance
• Basic office skills (Typing, Filing, Professional attitude, and etiquette)
• Computer Programs (i.e., Microsoft Office, Google Docs)
Ability to:
• Establish working relationships with clients, co-workers, and other professionals.
• Work independently as well as collaboratively.
• Provide constructive feedback to clients. Maintain client confidentiality.
• Display cultural competency, appreciation, compassion and understanding for the needs of clients.
• Open to work occasional evenings and weekends if requested.

Education Award, Stipend Pay and Hours: Members make a contractual service agreement committing to complete 1700 service hours ending on December 31st, 2021. Members are provided a modest financial cost-of-living allowance referred to as a "living stipend" of $727.10 per pay period (bi-weekly payments); optional qualifying paid Federal Student Loan Deferment, and will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award in the amount of $6,345, after successfully completing the term of service satisfactorily. The Education Award can pay for additional college, graduate school courses, or it can assist with payment(s) of existing qualifying Federal Student Loans.
How to Apply: Email a resume and writing sample to:
Compensation Type: Annual salary
Hourly Wage Minimum: This is a salary position.
Hourly Wage Maximum: This is a salary position.
Salary Minimum: $15,000
Salary Maximum: $20,000
Closing Date: 12/15/2020
Status: Full Time
Location: Salt Lake City


Organization Website: Visit website
Contact Name: Benjamin Sessions