Job Summary: Asian Association of Utah
Lead Case Manager Job Posting
Posting Date: October 9th, 2020
Asian Association of Utah (AAU) dba Refugee and Immigrant Center seeks to hire a bi-lingual Lead Case Manager who would carry a caseload of clients while also assisting the program director in acting as an example of excellent case management services, keeping contract requirements, reporting, program improvement, and program recruitment.
Position Description
Under the direction of the Director of Youth and Family Services the Lead Case Manager will manage a caseload of refugee/asylee clients to enhance and extend culturally and linguistically appropriate intensive case management services to refugees and other qualified immigrants (Second Migration refugees, asylees, and Victims of Trafficking can receive services upon arrival verification). The client and their family’s barriers must be identified and resolved. The Lead Case Manager is to serve as a source of information and referral for the client(s) following the grant contract obligations. Additionally, the Lead CM will assist the program director in being the example of case management service provision, in data collection, recruiting more clients, and attending community meetings. Overall, the Lead CM should be an example to the other case managers in service provision, data collection and following contract requirements.
Position will work a M-F 8:30 am to 5:30 pm schedule with occasional shifts in schedule for evening/weekend client needs/community meetings. AAU offers paid holidays and 4 hours of paid time off/4 hours of sick pay per pay period (accrued over time).
Department: Social Services
Classification: Full-time, Exempt, Full Benefits; retirement benefits available after 1 year of employment
Location: AAU downtown office – 155 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Primary Responsibilities: Responsibilities
 Provide a culturally sensitive face to face (following CDC guidelines) case management service with exceptional customer service – ie friendly communication with an adaptability and flexibility for difficult situations.
 Communicate program participant requirements to each case and hold client responsible for following those requirements for participation.
 Coordinate and execute all the required case management services as outlined in the case management program contract.
 Perform a client/family intake gathering all the required paperwork and data as laid out in the contract. Ensure client is eligible for services. Organize a hard client file to keep required documents. Follow the intake procedure and steps laid out in the program policy/procedures.
 Collaborate with the program funders to complete an initial assessment followed by 6 month follow up assessment until the client is discharged.
 Collaborate in forming an action plan with the funders that addresses the needs that were identified in the assessment. Once the plan is created it is the responsibility of the CM to follow-up with the client/family in completing that plan.
 Terminate/Discharge clients when they complete their length of service (usually at 24 months).
 Connect clients to community resources and services; connection could require visiting clients in their homes, transporting clients to a doctor’s office, providing interpretation at a school visit,
assisting in setting health appointments, etc. Every effort should be made to ensure that refugees are aware of the services available to them and that these services are non-duplicative.
 Keep data collection organized and up to date as described above.
 Perform a home visit to each case at a minimum of 1x per month. If the CM is not able to contact the client the program director should be informed and decision on the continuation of the services will be made in collaboration with the program funder.
o At a minimum in addition to the home visit contact each client 2x per month to check in on their progress toward achieve the goals laid out in the action plan.
 Record case notes for every service provided to clients and every interaction had with each client/family.
 Work with youth involved in the family case to: enroll youth into school each, check in on how youth are doing month to month (at same time as checking in during home visit; record interaction in notes), connect with other youth related services if the youth needs more intensive assistance.
 Perform outreach efforts to the community to recruit clients to join the case management program.
 Other duties as assigned by the program supervisor/the agency leadership
Agency Duties/Other Duties
 If you speak a second language you will be requested to help interpret from time to time within all departments of the agency. The expectation is that staff will assist each other when their schedules allow it.
 Various tasks to support the agency mission can be assigned at any time
Background Checks and Driving Licenses
 Staff must retain a valid driver’s license and car insurance. Staff will be reimbursed at the federal rate when using their own vehicle for agency/program purposes. (Refer to the agency driving policy for more information)
 Staff will have to undergo a background check each year.
Sick/Vacation Time
You will earn sick and vacation time each pay period at a rate of 4 hours of paid sick and 4 hours of paid time off. Paid time off must be approved in advance and at least 72 hours of notice should be given. If sick time is used and 3 more consecutive days of sick time are used a doctor’s note is required.
*This job description and attached job duties are subject to change at any time. Any changes will result in an update descriptions shared with all staff involved.
Other Considerations:
- preference given to bilingual individuals who speak Spanish, Swahili, Somali or another refugee specific language
- degree/work experience in social services or related field preferred
- experience with refugees and diverse populations
- must have own transportation/valid driver's license for position – part of the position responsibilities is to visit client in their homes and occasionally provide transportation for them to crucial appointment
- 2 years of driving experience; no more than 3 moving violations in the past 2 years
- must pass background check
 $18-21/hr DOE
 Full health/medical benefits offered
 Vacation and Sick time pro-rated by total hours worked per pay period
 Retirement package available after 1 year of employment
Job Type: Full-time
Application Questions
 Are you willing to undergo a background check, in accordance with local law/regulations?
 Are you authorized to work in the following country: United States?
Application Instructions
Email resume and cover letter to
Depending on circumstances of the pandemic some parts of the position may be perf
Desired Qualifications: Preferred 1 year of case management experience
Preferred bachelor degree in related field; substitute experience
Preference given to bilingual Spanish, Swahili, Somali or other refugee specific languages
Benefits / Why Work for Us: Full health/medical benefits offered
 Vacation and Sick time pro-rated by total hours worked per pay period
 Retirement package available after 1 year of employment
How to Apply: email resume and cover letter to
Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Hourly Wage Minimum: $18/hour
Hourly Wage Maximum: $21/hour
Salary Minimum: This is an hourly wage position.
Salary Maximum: This is an hourly wage position.
Closing Date: open until filled
Status: Full Time
Location: 155 S 300 W Ste 101, SLC, UT


Organization Website: Visit website
Contact Name: peter frost