Salary: DOE
Job Description: Thanksgiving Point is a 501(c)(3) non-profit farm, garden, and multi-museum complex that draws on the natural world to cultivate transformative family learning.
Thanksgiving Point Institute seeks a Containment Director/Chief Entomologist for our fifth and newest venue, Butterfly Biosphere, scheduled to open late fall, 2018. Position starts January 2018.
This 24,000 square foot museum consists of three separate areas highlighting the significance of invertebrates to life on earth. The Discovery Zone is an 8,000 sq ft gallery featuring hands-on interactive exhibits and live invertebrate displays. The Costa Rica Climber is a 7,500 sq ft multi-story designed environment dedicated to active play and exploration. The Butterfly Conservatory is a 9,000 sq ft area filled with live butterflies flying among tropical and flowering plants, and featuring a meandering path, waterfall, and pond. The overarching message is that invertebrates are small but significant, and our goal is to provide opportunities for families to connect with the natural world, learn about the role invertebrates play in ecosystems, and understand the relationships that exist between humans and invertebrates and the impacts that each has on the other.
This is a new position and Containment Director/Chief Entomologist will be part of Thanksgiving Point’s Joint Management Team. The selected candidate will be responsible for developing foundational practices as well as providing input on the design and construction of the new venue and then, after opening, leading the execution of the day to day work outlined in the standard operating procedures and other managerial duties established in the development phase.
Responsibilities during the development phase include but may not be limited to:
• establishing systems and protocols for animal curation and care;
• writing standard operating procedures that satisfy USDA/APHIS permit conditions and guidelines for educational display of butterflies, moths, and other regulated and non-regulated invertebrates;
• ensuring the design and construction of the containment areas and exhibit spaces allow for proper animal care and maintenance;
• attaining and maintaining USDA/APHIS permits
• collaborating with horticulture specialist on design and functionality of planted areas for animal care as well as adherence to USDA/APHIS conditions;
• collaborating with exhibit design firm and Director of Exhibitions on animal care aspects of enclosures and exhibits;
• collaborating with VP of Design and Programming, Director of Exhibitions, and Director of Education on exhibit interpretive text and labels;
• curating and procuring butterfly and moth pupae and invertebrates for the containment areas, exhibition, and education;
• assisting Education staff with the development of facilitated programming
• assisting Volunteer Coordinator with the development and implementation of a docent program;
• develops animal handling protocols and systems for front and back of house;
• training staff and volunteers to enact the standard operating procedures and related daily tasks;
• working with the VP of Design and Programming to identify and address potential issues related to animal care and permit conditions;
• working with Facilities to ensure proper care and maintenance of the venue;

Responsibilities after opening the venue include but may not be limited to:
• Performs and manages day to day care and maintenance required for animals and enclosures, exhibits, and containment areas as outlined in the standard operating procedures and other established protocols;
• monitors animal health and environmental conditions;
• maintains and updates USDA/APHIS permits, guiding documents, and necessary related records;
• works in collaboration with Education Department to inform, review, and assist with program and/or content development;
• reviews guests’ questions and answers or coordinates with other team members to answer questions as part of the “Ask an Entomologist” exhibit;
• works collaboratively as part of Thanksgiving Point’s Joint Management Team to ensure that the high standards set by the Institute are met and to identify issues, provide support, and problem solve - communicating daily with Guest Services, Design and Programming Departments, Facilities, and other team members involved in running Butterfly Biosphere.

Essential Skills
• Must be adept at both verbal and written communication, with demonstrated success conveying scientific concepts to non-scientists, people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds.
• Must have strong collaboration skills and work successfully as part of a team.
• Must possess demonstrable leadership and management skills and ability to train and support other team members.
• Must be comfortable interacting with guests of all ages and facilitating inquiry-based discovery.
• Must value inquiry-based learning and support the facilitation of personal discovery over of didactic content delivery.
• Must possess knowledge and application of animal husbandry practices for a variety of taxa commonly used in museum education programs.
• Ability to work unsupervised and in support of Thanksgiving Point’s mission to cultivate transformative family learning.
Minimum Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in biology, zoology, or a strongly related field; and demonstrable deep understanding of entomology and ecology.
• A minimum of two years working with invertebrates in educational/museum/zoo or other settings.
• A minimum of two years in a leadership role that includes mentoring and supervising staff and/or volunteers.
• Proficiency in the use of a personal computer and standard business software, including Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
• Ability to perform essential duties which may include lifting up to 50 pounds, standing for long periods of time, bending and reaching, and working in hot and humid environments.

Position Details
• This is a full time benefitted position with hours of work generally from 8:00 – 5:00 (flexible) Monday through Friday, however, the Containment Director will also work on some weekends, evenings, and holidays when special events or projects occur.
• Valid Driver’s license is required (Utah License will be necessary to be covered by insurance).
• Must pass a background check as there is regular interaction with our young guests.
Location: Lehi Utah
Status: Full-time


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