Salary: $3006 annually
Job Description: We are currently recruiting for 1 program director for one of our 5-day camp sessions, with the specific session assignment to be determined based on the skills, experience, and interest of the specific applicants. We are looking to invest in a long-term relationship. The Program Director has duties prior to camp, as well as during the camp session. The Program Director reports to the Executive Director and the Planning Committee.

Standard benefits (insurance, leave, retirement, etc.) are not offered. As Executive Director, I will ensure that incoming staff members get the needed training and guidance. Incoming staff members may serve in 1 of the above positions, as well as another non-director level position during the camp season (eg, area / activity leader, medical staff, kitchen staff), if appropriate. Because these positions are so integral to Camp Hobé, we are seeking applicants who are willing to commit to the organization for at least 3 years.

Kids Week / Teen Week Program Director

The Program Director plans, schedules, and coordinates activities for their camp session. While at camp, they keep the schedule going, assist with staff training, and plan alternate activities in case of schedule changes. They help activity leaders get supplies, meet safety guidelines, and keep the fun going.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum age of 25 years preferred
Minimum of 3 years of prior camp or leadership experience (preferably at Camp Hobé)
Ability to meet the public
Desire & skills needed to bring people into a functioning unit
Ability to provide guidance, verbal instruction, and supervision to others in a caring, supportive manner
Ability to plan, originate, organize, & carry out camp programs
Self-motivated, good character, adaptability, enthusiasm, and sense of humor, patience and self-control
Open and honest in relationships; willing to learn from experience
Willingness to participate in camp activities
Flexible and able to respond positively to changes in duties or schedule
Current CPR, first aid, and valid Utah driver license preferred

Work with Camp Hobé Planning Committee and Executive Director to plan activities for camp session
Motivate staff to work together as a group
Give direction in program activities
Supervise staff members, counselors-in-training, & campers
Coordinate progress of different areas to prevent overlapping or conflicts
Encourage an atmosphere of respect, acceptance, & enthusiasm
Follow, implement, and enforce all camp policies, rules, and regulations

Prior to the camp sessions:
● Recruit staff, conduct interviews, and select camp staff
● Assign staff to best utilize talents, interests, and cultures
● Develop / revise / print schedules & procedures for camp operation
● Review & select activities to meet camp goals
● Assign campers to appropriate cabin groups based on age and development level
● Coordinate equipment & supplies needed for camp session
● Order necessary supplies for various activities
● Assist with pre-camp staff training
● Be familiar with camp manual & policies to meet goals
● Be familiar with crisis management plan, including emergency procedures
During the camp sessions:
● May assume some responsibilities of Director when needed. This requires familiarity with schedules, operating procedures, crisis and emergency plans, staff assignments, plans for special needs campers, trips out of camp, handling challenging situations, and records of program operations and personnel.
● Conduct daily staff meetings
● Assist in camper check-in & check-out procedures
● Implement / run the camp program as scheduled, adjusting as needed for unforeseen circumstances
● Coordinate locations & equipment for rotations
● Supervise equipment check-out and check-in
● Conduct daily check of activity areas & equipment for cleanliness, safety, & repair
● Provide guidance for the mainstreaming of special needs campers & staff
● Interpret camp policy & goals when handling challenging situations
● Meet individually with staff members as needed to give encouragement, motivation, and feedback
● Arrange for staff & campers to complete evaluations
● Assist in packing materials & supplies at camp closing
● Arrange for inventories to be completed before camp closing
● Evaluate performance of assigned staff members during camp (informal) and after sessions end (formal)
● Submit any receipts to the camp office as soon as possible, but within 15 days of the end of camp
Other duties as needed or desired

Protect confidentiality of campers and staff
Physically able to participate in all camp activities
Able to communicate in a professional manner during public relations
Able to understand and follow instructions given by other Directors and leaders
Able to understand & implement requirements of ACA standards
Able to communicate with and instruct others, both verbally and nonverbally
Possess strength & endurance required to maintain supervision of campers & staff
Able to identify & respond to hazards; able to assist in emergency situations
Able to communicate by phone & operate a vehicle in emergency situations
Able to observe and assess camper & staff member behavior, and to enforce appropriate regulations
Form a team with other staff that is dedicated to providing the best camp experience for all campers

POSITION TYPE: Paid Staff Member, duties primarily occur prior to camp and onsite during the camp sessions, although some post-camp wrap-up is required

RESPONSIBLE TO: Camp Hobé Planning Committee, Executive Director
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Status: part-time, seasonal


How to Apply: By 1/1/18:
• Email Christina Beckwith stating intent to apply.
• Send a resume / CV outlining camp experience and qualifications.
• Send a brief statement explaining why you are interested.
Closing Date: 1/1/2018
Your Website: Visit organizational website.