Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Job Type:
Full Time

Pay Range: 23.34 - 29.55
Organization's Mission: To elevate individuals, families and Communities of Weber County by improving self-sufficiency through services and collaboration.
Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement and Work: OWCAP does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or other protected characteristics. In reading and answering the following questions, be aware that none of the questions are intended to imply illegal preferences or discrimination based upon non-job-related information.
Position Summary: SUMMARY OF POSITION: Provides daily oversight for planning, organizing, and building community support for the Roy Communities That Care (CTC) coalition which promotes and develops the concept of prevention science in the Roy cone area. This position is a highly visible leadership position in the community that interacts with key community leaders, agencies, and extensive volunteer base, and other stakeholders to facilitate program goals and objectives. Also, this person works with Roy CTC Community Board members to establish priorities, long-range plans, and other technical aspects of program operation. May at times (if funding permits) supervise staff, manage allocated budget, and perform various administrative duties in support of the program.
Primary Responsibilities: ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:
1. Serves as front line representative for the Roy CTC coalition and builds cooperative relationships
with community leaders, agencies, volunteers, and other stakeholders. Traveling throughout the
designated Roy cone area is a requirement of the job. This duty may include:
a. Meeting with local officials, school district leaders, and others to promote community-wide buy-in
for the CTC program or strategies
b. Coordinating public and other group presentations
c. Facilitating the preparation and release of survey information to the community
d. Coordinating the technical materials for presentations to groups
e. Oversee the coordination and communication with volunteers
f. Facilitating and promoting system reform so the entire community can be involved in the CTC
operating system.
2. Recruits, orients and works with coalition members
3. Develops cooperative relationships between Key Leader Board (KLB) members and ensures
continual focus on program goals and objectives which includes those in the Coalition’s action plan.
4. Work with supervisor to develop short and long-term goals and objectives for RCTC program.
Ensures that the goals and objectives of the coalition’s action plan are being met.
a. Collaborates with Roy CTC community board members, in writing and updating an annual CTC
Community Action Plan that includes coalition’s action plan objectives and goals
b. Organizing, carrying out, evaluating and making necessary changes to programs in support of the
Roy CTC coalition’s goals and objectives
c. Coordinate with Human Resources to arrange for trainings and technical assistance when needed
for existing programs, facilitators, or to enhance program operations.
5. Performs various duties necessary to oversee management of Roy CTC programs and strategies to
ensure all coalition’s action plan and budget requirements are being met.
a. Providing financial reports applicable to the Coalition action plan to OWCAP fiscal team
b. Conducting cost analysis; facilitating the RCTC Funding Workgroup in obtaining other necessary
funding through various sources such as fund raising, grants, city budgets, or other community support;
c. Facilitating the coalitions marketing and advertising of programs to obtain optimal participation
d. Recommending, implementing, and enforcing policies, procedures and rules relating to programs
e. Facilitating the coalition evaluating program needs and collaborating with Roy CTC community
board members to determine which evidence-based programs will be most likely to meet the immediate needs of the priority risk and protective factors in the community
f. Recommending and implementing management plans as needed to improve services
g. Recommending and implementing controls necessary to minimize risk and liability.
h. Provide conflict resolution for resolving issues and problems relating to CTC program; responding
to and investigating public complaints;
i. Ensure needed supplies, equipment and materials are available for programs following OWCAP
supply request procedures.
j. Answering routine and non-routine questions
6. Performs various administrative tasks related to the administration of the Coalition’s action plan and
the efforts of the Roy CTC coalition. This may include one or more of the following:
a. Work group tasks:
i. Coordinate, schedule, help with logistical arrangements, and follow up on assignments
for/from Roy Communities That Care meetings, trainings events, etc.
ii. Take minutes, transcribe, and disseminate minutes for all RCTC meetings. Minutes will be
distributed 24 hrs after meeting
iii. Maintain RCTC Work Groups, Community Board, and Key Leader minutes and other logs
b. Generating written correspondence of a routine and technical nature
c. Preparing statistical reports; Writing and drafting documents and reports, processing data and
performing other related tasks. Collect and tabulate RCTC member volunteer hours, track donations and provide monthly updates to Funding Workgroup
7. Attends required trainings and meetings as outlined in any grant requirement as well as other
prevention trainings deemed necessary by the coalition, Roy Community That Cares (CTC) and OWCAP
8. Support the achievement of in-kind goals as they pertain to Community Support.
9. As needed, assist other Community Support Coordinators in providing services to clients for other
10. Other duties as assigned.
• Ability to develop and maintain community partnerships.
• Written and verbal communication skills
• Able to operate standard office equipment.
• Must be proficient in use of Microsoft office programs.
• Able to learn, operate, and teach tax return software.
• Preference will be given to bilingual (English/Spanish) individuals.

• Bachelor degree in Social Work, Public Health or related field
• Two year’s work experience in a related field
• Education may be substituted for experience or a combination of both is applicable
Benefits / Why Work With Us: We are an established non-profit agency contributing to the community by helping to end the cycle of poverty. We offer a great benefits package for full time employees.
How to Apply: OWCAP requires a completed agency application prior to granting an interview. Application can be completed in-person at our location or by calling and requesting an application via email or fax.
Closing Date: 10/28/2021
Location: 3159 Grant Ave, Ogden. UT


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