Salary: Negotiable
Job Description: The National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) is seeking an Executive Director to strengthen and build upon existing program and lead it through its next stage of development. NAHDO is a national non-profit membership and educational association dedicated to improving healthcare data collection and use. NAHDO’s members include state and private health data organizations that maintain statewide healthcare databases and stakeholders of these databases in the public and private sectors. NAHDO and its members are leaders in hospital discharge data reporting systems and All Payer Claims Databases (APCDs).

Position Summary
NAHDO is the nation’s leading convener of state healthcare data agencies. Through its educational webinars, annual conference, and stakeholder engagement and outreach, NAHDO fosters best practice dissemination among its members, connects data experts to prospective data users, and advocates – at both the state and federal levels – for strengthening and “actionalizing” our nation’s healthcare data assets, turning data into information. And as the need for healthcare information continues to expand – as states establish and use APCDs, clinical data repositories, and provider directories, among other novel datasets, to bring new levels of transparency to their markets, and as private stakeholders seek new claims and clinical data sources to support their program needs – NAHDO’s position and role in the healthcare landscape only grows more critical.

NAHDO is seeking an Executive Director to lead it through its next stage of development, partnering with its Board of Directors to establish the organization’s strategic vision and positioning NAHDO within a rapidly changing healthcare environment. The Executive Director will be responsible for developing NAHDO’s next strategic plan, and operationalizing and executing upon its objectives, representing health data and use at both the state and national levels. The Executive Director will be the chief spokesperson for NAHDO, its chief fundraiser, chief financial officer, and principal. The Executive Director will also be responsible for providing overall management and administrative leadership, including overseeing several employees and contractors, managing day-to-day operations, and ensuring the successful completion of multiple federal, state, and philanthropic contracts.

This position offers a passionate and dedicated person the opportunity to steer a national conversation around the need for – and use of – healthcare data and the support of healthcare data reporting programs at the state level--- to create pertinent, usable, information, bringing new perspective, energy, and insight to NAHDO, while building NAHDO’s adaptive, leadership, management, and operational capacities. This is an opportunity for the right person to strategically position - and potentially grow - an organization to meet a significant marketplace need.

The Executive Director may work from NAHDO’s current headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, or remotely. The Executive Director will have the ability and willingness to travel domestically, representing NAHDO at conferences, testimonies, and presentations. Compensation for this candidate will be competitive based on experience.

The Executive Director will be responsible for providing NAHDO with sound, steady operational, personnel, and financial management, responsibly executing upon clear goals – as developed in partnership with the Board of Directors - to achieve desired outcomes. The Executive Director will be responsible for duties including, but not limited to:
 Establishing NAHDO’s long-term strategic vision, goals, and positioning in partnership with the Board of Directors.
 Developing and executing upon a plan to realize NAHDO’s strategic vision and goals against discrete milestones, timelines, and performance metrics.
 Maintaining and growing NAHDO’s membership and donor base.
 Leveraging the NAHDO Annual Conference to provide the latest innovations and developments in health care data collection, analytics, and privacy protections.
 Increase the visibility of state healthcare data reporting programs to federal and national stakeholders
 Strategically expanding upon NAHDO’s membership programming, outreach, and advocacy efforts to demonstrate clear and present value to organizational participation.
 Advocating for NAHDO members’ interests nationally and at the state-levels, as needed.
 Preparing grant proposals and other funding applications, and servicing resulting contracts.
 Managing NAHDO staff to effectively execute – and build upon – existing programs, contracts, and advocacy efforts; foster staff development and capacity.
 Managing NAHDO public relations, including being available to provide press comment, public testimony, and conference presentations.
 Serving as liaison and staff to the Board of Directors, comprised of state, national, and private sector data leaders, and sub-committees, keeping Board apprised of NAHDO operations, changes, and concerns.
 Overseeing NAHDO’s ongoing operational/IT environment, and responsible stewardship of its existing data and intellectual property assets.
 Managing NAHDO’s day-to-day fiscal operations, including the submission of financial reports to grantors, the submission of bills and expenditures to the Treasurer for approval and reimbursement, and the development and stewardship of NAHDO’s annual budget.
 Serve as the Co-chair of the APCD Council Learning Network- working with our partners at UNH

The Executive Director will possess the following skills and qualifications:
 Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred.
 Strong subject-matter expertise in statewide healthcare data solutions development, implementation, and sustainability.
 Have a working knowledge of national standards and US DHHS programs
 Experience translating healthcare data into actionable information and solutions for public and private sector stakeholders.
 Minimum of five (5) years of senior-level experience managing an association, non-profit, government agency, or private enterprise.
 Proven fundraising, advocacy, and relationship building experiences, including an understanding of fundraising strategies and the importance of member, donor, and stakeholder relations.
 Strong presentation and public speaking skills.
 Strong administrative and organizational abilities.
 Proven capacity to work with a Board of Directors (or other oversight organization) to develop consensus around strategic priorities.
 Demonstrated ability to develop, monitor, and sustain sound financial performance.
 A management style that promotes teamwork, innovation, and motivation.
 Strong interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to tailor messages to different stakeholders and simply communicate complex topics.
 Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to effectively advocate for healthcare data and information policy issues.
 Demonstrated ability to productively work (include manage staff) in a remote situation (if desired).
 Experience working in an organization experiencing change and growth.

NAHDO’s next Executive Director will be a highly motivated self-starter, with high energy, but who possesses an assertive yet diplomatic leadership style. He or she will be an innovative and creative thinking, bring a steady, thoughtful, dependable, and reliable presence to operations.
Location: Flexible
Status: Full time


How to Apply: To apply for this position, submit cover letter and resume to Applications are due by Monday July 8th 2019.
Closing Date: July 8, 2019
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