Clubhouses are a powerful demonstration of the fact that people with mental illness can and do lead normal, productive lives. It is designed to be a place where a person living with mental illness is not treated as a patient, client or consumer and is not defined by a disability label. Clubhouse members gain access to opportunities to rejoin the worlds of friendships, family, employment and education and to receive services and support they may individually need. A Clubhouse provides a restorative environment for people whose lives have been severely disrupted because of their mental illness and who need the support of others who believe that mental illness is treatable. In a Clubhouse, a person with mental illness is seen as a valued colleague and as someone who has something to contribute. Each person is a critical part of a community engaged in important work.

Summit County Clubhouse follows the Clubhouse International model of Psycho-Social Rehabilitation, a highly successful evidence-based and time-tested program that has developed over more than seventy years. There are approximately 330 Clubhouses in 32 countries internationally.
Organization's Mission: Our mission is to create an inclusive community in which all adults living with a
mental health diagnosis achieve their highest potential.
Organization's Programs and Services: Vocational, Educational, and Social skills support for Adults with a history of mental illness
Organization's Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Statement: As a start-up, this statement is under construction
Skills & Talents of Ideal Candidate: For board members, we're currently looking for candidates with core competencies in public relations, community connections, finance, development/fundraising. Based on your passion, providing training and/or workshops would be welcome in a volunteer capacity.
What Can this Position offer the Applicant?: This is a newer start-up organization, and the opportunity to contribute your talents to the advancement and success of the Clubhouse would be a valuable gift. At least 3 trainings per year are provided to board members.
Meeting Frequency: 1 time per month with additional committee meeting as needed
Meeting Times: 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30pm to 7pm
Meeting Location: Zoom or at Summit County Clubhouse
Overall Time Commitment: Approx. 7 hours per week
Current Number of Board Members: 11
Current Number of Board Vacancies: 5
Application Process/Instructions: Please send us an email to find out more information:


Organization Website: Visit website
Contact Name: Melissa Flores