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September 2019 Member Spotlight

The INN Between

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Our September Member Spotlight goes out to The INN Between who has been a member of the Utah Nonprofits Association since 2015.  The INN Between provides a home environment that enables adults who are experiencing homelessness to gain access to professional hospice care from State-licensed hospice agencies; undergo life-saving medical treatment; stabilize in preparation for surgery; or recuperate from serious illness, injury, or surgery. During their time with UNA The INN Between has participated in many training opportunities, including the Nonprofit Organizational Credential program. 

The INN Between’s Operations Director, Jillian Olmsted, has attended three credential classes and implemented many new practices and procedures to ensure they operate according to best practices.  During this past year The INN Between underwent a big transition from a small 16-bed facility to a 50 bed facility with an Assisted Living Type II license.  This expanded their staff from under 10 to over 25!  With that growth comes a larger budget, new structures and processes, and the need for increased knowledge in several areas.

We here at UNA are excited to see where The INN Between will go in future years and are grateful to be able to provide information, resources, and tools to help them reach their goals.


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