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May 2019 Member Spotlight

Utah Health Policy Project: Ensuring Everyone Has Access to Healthcare


Full Logo Border NO QUIPThe Utah Health Policy Project, envisions a future in which all Utahns have access to the services and resources that help meet physical, oral, and behavioral health care needs. 

UNA's members really are good people doing good things for the good of our communities!

They are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization advancing sustainable healthcare solutions for underserved Utahns through better access, education, and public policy. UHPP houses Take Care Utah, an organization that focuses on enrollment in health insurance and has networks throughout the state. They also have a policy advocacy team that advocates on behalf of Utahns always with the individual in mind.


They pride themselves on their combined atmosphere of policy advocacy and direct people support; it is what makes them unique and most successful.



After Utah did not expand Medicaid several years ago, meeting with consumers who fell in the coverage gap became way too frequent. UHPP's policy team advocated for full Medicaid expansion for over five years at the legislature before launching Proposition 3, a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid. Their work on Proposition 3 was a huge win last November when it passed, and although since then there have been some big losses, they now don't have to turn away as many applicants due to ineligibility, and have been able to watch the expressions of excitement on people's face as they realize they are now eligible for Medicaid.


uhpp outing

They will continue to work towards coverage options for all Utahns and they recognize the big role that advocacy played in getting to this point!

Over the years, their work has continued to grow to the extent that earlier this year they decided to move their office into a newer and larger space in order to maintain their growth. 

Everyone is invited to join in their celebration at an open house on June 6th, from 4-6pm, so please stop by and come see their new space on 2369 Orton Circle #20 West Valley City, UT 84119 

You can also connect with them through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.