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November 2019 Member Spotlight

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This November we are excited to shine a spotlight on our member organization Neighborhood House!  They have been a member of the Utah Nonprofits Association since 2005 and throughout this time they have attended the Annual Nonprofit Conference, participated in Advocacy events, and this year they earned the Nonprofit Organizational Credential Badge in Fundraising and Resource Development! 

Built on a foundation of mutual respect, Neighborhood House uses accountability and accessibility to support their commitment to excellence, so that their house can be filled with compassion and kindness. The mission of Neighborhood House is to enrich, empower and educate children and adults through quality, affordable day care and support services. Since 1894, they have been committed to helping hard-working, low-income families maintain stable employment and achieve self-sufficiency by having access to quality, affordable care for their loved ones.  



Neighborhood House has a 125-year legacy of nurturing and educating children and helping families with aging and disabled adults. They offer nationally accredited toddler, preschool, afterschool, and summer programs for children age 15 months to 12 years old. On the other end of the spectrum, they provide day care and support services for adults who need supervised care during the day, allowing more adults in the community to age in place. Their program includes biweekly intergenerational programs which join both children and aging adults in enriching activities and engaging learning moments. 





Each year, they provide more than 55,000 days of care and serve more than 100,000 meals to more than 500 children and adults. With their services provided on a sliding fee scale, ensuring they’re available to the families who need them most.  





Neighborhood House has recently moved into a new facility and they are very grateful to every single person who made that possible. This new infrastructure allows them to serve 100 additional clients and improve their services to the community with brand new spaces such as a Cyber Center, a Family Support Center, a Community Pantry, a gym/event space, a sensory room, an intergenerational greenhouse, and much more! 

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Learn more about Neighborhood House by going to or connect through social media FacebookTwitter, and Instagram