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January 2020 Member Spotlight

LogoSalt Lake Donated Dental Services, has been a member of the Utah Nonprofits Association since December of 1999.  During this time they have attended round table discussions, the Annual Nonprofit Conference, and webinars on QuickBooks! Waterford UPSTART event

SLDDS' mission is to relieve dental pain and suffering while preserving oral health through preventive education and restorative treatment for those with no other access to care. They are committed to creating a dental home to the homeless and impoverished, where care is given, and healing is found in a comprehensive and continuous manner. SLDDS is the only safety-net clinic in our community to offer free preventive and restorative care in addition to traditional emergency services.

SLDDS 24This year Donated Dental Services is celebrating 30 years of service.  Since 1990, they have provided over $22 million in dental care to tens of thousands in our community. The clinic is conveniently located west of downtown Salt Lake City, in the beautiful Sorenson Unity Center, and is open five days a week. Each month, the dental professionals treat over 400 patients and provide an average of $93,000 in quality dental care, of which $63,000 is free to the homeless and extremely low-income.

3. About 1The entire community is positively affected by these efforts. As children's oral health is restored and maintained, their overall health improves, school attendance increases, education is enhanced, and self-confidence grows. Adults experience similar outcomes. For many, their ability to obtain and maintain employment increases, their self-esteem improves dramatically, and the overall outlook on life becomes increasingly positive.

To learn more about their amazing work, follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website. 


And remember to brush, floss and see a dentist DSC 0318regularly!