The ERC—Are you leaving money on the table?

When the CARES Act was rolled out in March 2020, there were TWO main COVID relief options for nonprofits. One was the PPP Loan (you would have needed to live under a rock to have not heard about this) and the other was the ERC Tax Credits (this credit can be worth up to $33,000 per employee!). Join UNA and TacPockets to learn more about securing this credit for your nonprofit.

With recent federal enhancements and eligibility changes, nonprofits through the state may now be eligible for the ERC Credit. Even if you received a PPP loan that has now been forgiven, you will likely still qualify. 

ERC Credit has been around since March 2020, but didn't really pick up steam until 2021. This is due to a series of amendments that make this credit both richer and easier to qualify for. It also makes it wickedly complex to get right and get the most out of this credit. 

Well worth the trouble, this credit can be worth up to $33,000 per employee. Qualification can be based on either periods where government orders more than nominally restricted your business operations OR periods where revenues declined when compared to 2019. 

It is time to act; there is no cost to determine your ERC eligibility. Not all groups qualify, but it may be worth thousands of dollars in ERC cash back to your nonprofit. 

Learn more about this credit 

*UNA will receive 15% in revenue sharing from nonprofits who utilize JS Latin services. 

Why Attend   

To find out if you are eligible to receive thousands of dollars. Some important pieces to note: 

  • This is not a loan, it is a refundable tax credit. There is no repayment. 

  • This credit is based on payroll and payroll tax. 

Who Should Attend? 

CEO’s, Executive Directors, Accountants/CFO’s, Board Chairs/Presidents 

 About Tax Pockets and JS Latin

Tyler Hall founded JS Latin in 2015 after leaving MetLife where he spent the early part of his career tax consulting for companies (predominately oilfield service companies) in the Anchorage, AK area who were attempting to discard dying retirement and pension plans. JS Latin began as a simple small business tax and tax credit consulting, because Tyler was practicing as an Enrolled Agent for the IRS, but by the end of their second year they were doing most of their work in software consulting and reconciliation – helping businesses understand that the majority of their accounting work was actually produced by disconnected systems and helping them reconcile that issue or replace or update the system.  Since then they have grown into developing many of their own programs and even fintech. JS Latin is deeply involved in the industries and companies they work with, to the level of being a partner or investor in most of their projects. They dig deep for efficiencies and tax opportunities for those projects. This is how they discovered the ERC – and when it was amended by the CAA in December, 2020, they knew immediately how many businesses were missing major funding from this program. They have since hired a dedicated staff to help be in a position to help as many businesses as possible navigate this opportunity.

Tax Pockets, the tech platform they are using to engage nonprofits and businesses, is the best way to engage with JS Latin because it helps to create a simple interface for navigating a complex set of requirements. Tax Pockets can actually work with any accounting firm to bring together education and engagement, and professional management of a complex process.

December 8th, 2021 12:00 PM through  1:00 PM