Data 100: A Minimalist’s Guide to Digital Data

Like it or not, you need to know what your data is telling you. Was that last social media or email marketing campaign successful? Are site visitors leaving your donation page BEFORE making a donation? Regardless of what you think the answer is, the truth is in the data. UNA’s Data 100: A Minimalist’s Guide to Digital Data starts you on the path to making sound, data-driven decisions that support your mission.

Moving your mission forward is hard enough work. Too many nonprofit professionals don’t use data in their decision-making processes. It’s time to stop guessing and start knowing. Put your data to work for you. 
The sheer volume of digital data – website analytics, email marketing metrics, social media insights – can feel intimidating. Especially when people start using “geek speak” or throwing around arcane words and phrases. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a magician or learn a new language to have an effective website, develop strategic email campaigns that work, or optimize your social media messaging. But you do need to know where to find your data and what it’s telling you. 
UNA’s Data 100: A Minimalist’s Guide to Digital Data is a digital data primer that helps you understand what data you need, where to find it, and how to use it to make sound, data-driven decisions that support your mission. Join UNA and our new membership-benefit partner, JadeFire Development, and start using your data to reach the goals of your nonprofit. 

What You’ll Take Away  

  • An overview of how changes in data-privacy practices are driving changes in the information web-browsers and social media will be able to provide you about your audience.  
  • A high-level understanding of how to adapt your data collection in the face of these changes.  
  • A guide for identifying the data you need to create a direct link between the data you collect and the outcomes you need to measure

Note: This session is not a technical discussion of how web-browsers and social media platforms are responding to data protection and privacy laws.   

Why Attend? 
You are in the improve the world business and need to focus your attention and efforts on advancing your mission. Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to squander it. Sidestep all the extra bytes—mega, giga, and tera—and spend more time on your mission-centric work.   
Who Should Attend?  
Anyone who wants to make data-driven decisions about their digital marketing and online fundraising efforts – including Executive Directors, CEOs, Marketing Team Members, Communications Team Members, Development – should attend.   

About Our Speaker

Michael Gburski, Owner, JadeFire Development

Fourteen years ago, Michael’s first experience with the nonprofit sector was as a Board member for Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah, and ultimately as the Executive Director. In these roles, he discovered his passion for creating positive change in people’s lives, and the difficulties in turning that passion into progress.

As the Founder and Digital Jedi at JadeFire Development, Michael helps nonprofit organizations transform their passion into measurable and sustainable positive progress. As a trusted ally, it is his responsibility to remove the nightmare from their digital dreams, so they can focus on what they do best – changing the world. 

Cost: Free for UNA Members/$10 for Not-Yet-Members


June 8th, 2021 10:00 AM through 11:00 AM
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Registration Fee $ 10.00