Simple Strategy: Turbocharging your Strategic Plan

Your strategic plan is a powerful tool designed to communicate the strategies and methodologies you've established to guide your organization toward its desired future. Join UNA and Ron Woodbury Consulting for a hands-on workshop to explore strategic planning for your nonprofit organization.

We will start by discussing the fundamental elements of a strategic plan using our Simple Strategy method, which is designed to help everyone understand your agency's future. These steps include analyzing your strategic environment, establishing a strong foundation (vision, mission, values), and crafting effective strategies (themes, metrics, goals). 

Once we have a solid foundation in place, we will discuss ways to turbocharge your plan by leveraging your core competencies (differentiators), aligning your operation to your vision through process management, and implementing your plan with a communication strategy that involves all stakeholders. We need to get the plan out of the boardroom and into everyone’s hands to leverage their skills, passion, and commitment. 
This workshop is designed for both seasoned and first-time planners. Early registrants will have an opportunity to participate in survey to help tailor the workshop to your real-world planning challenges. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Simple Strategyâ„¢ approach to planning for nonprofit agencies.
  • An understanding of the foundational elements of a strategic plan.
  • An understanding of the role your operation plays in the success of your strategy.
  • Ways to ensure everyone is part of your success; from planning to implementation.
January 7th, 2021 9:00 AM through 11:00 AM
Event Fee(s)
Registration Fee $ 10.00