Zoom Master Class

Since Video-Conferences are now the next best thing to your being there, upping your Zoom skills can make your meetings as good—or even better than being in the same room. A deeper skill set also makes participation easier and more engaging. UNA’s Zoom Master Class will equip you to make the new normal (video-conferencing)—a normal part of your day.

Better Zoom meetings happen when participants feel engaged and included. You can make that a reality in both the meetings in which you act as host and as participant. You’ll learn about account and meeting settings, how to set up a new meeting and — perhaps most importantly— how to increase engagement in your meetings.  (Your efforts will also earn you the title Zoom Master.)

Here are the details for the Zoom Master Class: 

You’ll learn the ins and outs of  

Account settings 

  • Join meeting before host 

  • Video/Audio 

  • Passwords 

  • Privacy Settings 

  • Authenticated users 

Meeting Settings 

  • Chats 

  • Co-Hosts 

  • Adding a poll to a new meeting 

  • Screen sharing 

  • Annotation 

  • White Board 

  • Remote Control 

  • Nonverbal Feedback 

  • Breakout Rooms 

  • Virtual Backgrounds 

Setting Up a New Meeting 

  • Naming 

  • Users 

  • Registration 

  • Password 

  • Video/Audio 

  • Options (muting, joining, waiting room, etc.) 

  • Save meeting first, then go back in and create poll 


  • Managing chat 

  • Creating a poll inside a meeting "on the fly" 

  • Using a poll in a live meeting 

  • Reactions and non-verbal feedback 

  • Breakout Rooms 

  • Screen Sharing 


July 17th, 2020 10:00 AM through 12:00 PM
Event Fee - UNA Members: Please log in to see member discount
Registration $ 10.00