Breakout Sessions

The UNA Annual Nonprofit Conference is the most significant event for Utah’s nonprofit professionals who devote their time, heart, and careers to making our world better. This year, our conference will concentrate on lifting and inspiring these generous souls to regroup after 2020 and all its omnishambles.*

You can help our community regroup by submitting a proposal for a Breakout Session that refocuses and re-centers the spirit, imagination, and work of Utah’s nonprofit pros. We invite you to share your expertise and experience and help our community answer the question, “What’s next?”

Breakout sessions are the core of our virtual conference and provide relevant, actionable, and timely content that will help our attendees explore new ideas and lift capacity.

What's needed next to regroup? You tell us.

This is your chance to share your expertise with the nonprofit community. Our Breakout Session submission window is NOW OPEN through Friday, May 14, 2021. We are looking for topics covering fundraising, finance & legal, human resources, leadership, board governance, marketing, operations, volunteer management, REDI (race, equity, diversity, inclusion), advocacy, and more! For more help in preparing your proposal, please read through our Breakout Session Insider Notes

Submit Your Proposal

*Omnishambles [ om-nuh-sham-buhlz ]noun, plural om·ni·sham·bles.(used with a singular verb)as Chiefly British Informal. a situation, in which poor judgment results in disorder or chaos with potentially disastrous consequences