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regroup: The 2021 UNA Annual Conference delivers sessions designed to give you the information, skills, and resources you need to expand your personal and organizational resilience. You’ll hear from experts in everything from transforming organizational cultures, fundraising, advocacy, marketing, board engagement, finance, and so much more!

The conference features a keynote address by Dr. Atyia Martin, CEO and Founder of All Aces, Inc., and plenary speakers, Farra Trompeter, Partner and Chief Growth Officer at Big Duck, and Wayne Olson, Gift Planning Officer at Intermountain Healthcare Foundation, Inc. The conference also features 15 different breakout sessions designed to grow your knowledge and skills while connecting you with experts, peers, and friends. Our virtual conference means that you have the opportunity to attend more sessions live and watch other session recordings on your time.  

Keynote: Resilient Organizational Culture by Embedding Equity

Wednesday, September 22Dr. Atyia Martin Web

Dr. S. Atyia Martin, CEO and Founder All Aces, Inc. 

Join Dr. Atyia Martin, CEO and Founder of All Aces, Inc., for an engaging, thoughtful, and thought-provoking discussion on what a resilient and equitable organizational culture looks like—as well as information and tools for you to use to play an active role in transforming your organization. 

Dr. Martin’s personal mission is to unleash the invisible power that every person and organization has to intentionally act to disrupt oppression. She founded All Aces, Inc. as an alternative to traditional diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firms. Dr. Martin and her team partner with businesses, nonprofits, and governments on organizational, professional, and personal development to advance racial equity and build resilience. Martin’s over 20 years of experience applying the principles of racial equity and social justice during her career in resilience, emergency management, public health, and intelligence.

Opening Plenary: Renew and Revitalize Relationships with Your Donors

Tuesday, September 21Wayne Olson Web

Wayne Olson, Gift Planning Officer, Intermountain Healthcare Foundation, Inc.

Are you ready to renew? As we recommit to serve our donors, there are reliable, remarkable, yet simple things we can do as we rediscover the basics that make relationships work. Together we will explore how we can recognize opportunities and revive the relationships that matter most to your nonprofit. When we commit to the things that matter, we and our donors can grow a greater future together. 

Wayne Olson is a leading expert on planned giving and donor relations. He is an attorney with more than 20 years’ experience in the nonprofit sector and has worked with donors on tens of millions of dollars in donations and helped countless nonprofits build effective and dynamic fundraising and planned giving programs. A sought-after trainer, consultant, and speaker on motivation, customer service, and leadership, Wayne is also the author of five books including Fundraising for Nonprofit Board Members and The Disney Difference

Closing Plenary: Courageous or Cautious? Establishing Your Nonprofit’s Brand Personality 

Thursday, September 23Farra Trompeter Web

Farra Trompeter, Partner and Chief Growth Officer, Big Duck

Does your event feel inviting or intimidating? Is your voice on social media friendly or formal? Are your email appeals passionate or provocative? Your organization has a personality—a tone and style—that is reflected in how you present yourself and how people respond to you. Big Duck's Chief Growth Officer, Farra Trompeter, will explain what having a brand personality means and how it can help you engage with your stakeholders and differentiate your nonprofit. Attending this year's conference? 

Farra Trompeter, Partner and Chief Growth Officer at Big Duck, directs the firm’s marketing and business development efforts, seeking to build relationships with nonprofits who want to use communications to achieve their mission. Farra has led dozens of organizations through major brand overhauls, fundraising campaigns, and much more since joining Big Duck in 2007. She’s a frequent speaker around the country, training nonprofit staff and board members on branding, communications planning, and engaging donors at all giving levels. 

Breakout Session Topics

Tuesday September 21: 10:45 am to 12:00 pm

Build Momentum for Your Advocacy 
Advocacy is about bringing lasting change to the communities and people you serve. It’s legal, it’s everyone’s responsibility, and it could not be more important to your work. Join Hope Zitting-Goeckeritz, Executive Director of Voterise, for this important session on how create the momentum and assemble the right team to bridge the gap between what policy makers do and what you need them to do. If you’re not advocating for your nonprofit, you're leaving money, visibility, and influence on the table.   
Speaker: Hope Zitting-Goeckeritz, Executive Director, VOTERISE
Category: Advocacy and Civic Engagement

Rediscover Your Resilience and Potential 
Join us for an honest discussion about the emotional, psychological and behavioral impacts of the pandemic, including its implications on our professional lives. You’ll learn about the unconscious effects of systemic and protracted trauma (including COVID and all the other challenges we’ve been confronted with) and identify healthy responses. Leave with a deeper understanding of your capacity to heal and rediscover your resilience and post-traumatic potential!  
Speaker: Paige Zuckerman, M.Ed, CMHC, Co-Executive Director, Chief Clinical Director, Red Willow Counseling & Recovery 
Category: Personal Growth

Creating and Repurposing Content—Saying Everything (and more) in Less Time  
You have so much to say about the good work your nonprofit does and so little time to say it! Your audience engages with you across many channels—your website, email, social media platforms—and you need to reach them where they are. Join us for this important session on streamlining and repurposing your marketing content. You’ll leave this session with a strategy reaches your community—and saves you time and energy. 
Speaker: Lydia Martinez, Owner and Founder, Elle Marketing and Events 
Category: Marketing and Communication

Tuesday, September 21: 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm

Jump Start Your 4th Quarter with Year-End Appeals that Work!
End your 2021 fundraising strong! Participate in this session and learn how to optimize your short-term fundraising campaigns! You’ll explore the important role your website plays, powerful fundraising tactics you can implement, and the essentials for an integrated communications plan. Upgrade your year-end giving (including #GivingTuesday) and let us help you create a successful strategy that lasts well beyond a one-day event to end 2021 strong—and start 2022 even stronger. 
Speaker: Kiersten Hill, Director of Nonprofit Solutions, Firespring
Category: Fundraising and Marketing

Increase Board Engagement through Task Forces  
Your board can become an even greater force for good with task forces! Unlike committees, task forces focus on solutions and include defined start and stop times. Board members appreciate a shorter, focused time commitment and seeing the impact of their contribution, and your nonprofit sees all the benefits of greater board engagement. Join us for this session to learn both how to facilitate and implement task forces—and to avoid potential pitfalls—to create a board that is engaged in your mission and eager to support your work and your fundraising. 
Speaker: Kathleen Bodenlos, Executive Director, Discovery Gateway Children's Museum
Category: Boards, Leadership

Change is My Favorite Flavor: Lessons Learned, Habits to Keep 
Join Kari Anderson of Incite Consulting as she shares lessons learned and habits to keep as we lead our organizations forward in the new normal. Change isn't coming—it's here now, so let’s shed antiquated practices around organizational culture and employee expectations and create new habits that support organizational priorities and mission delivery. According to Deepak Chopra, “All great changes are preceded by chaos.” We’ve had the chaos, so it’s time for great change. Start with this session. 
Speaker: Kari Anderson, Principal, Incite Consulting
Category: Leadership and Organizational Culture

Wednesday, September 22: 10:45 am to 12:00 pm

Cost Effective Essentials for Retaining Volunteers and Cultivating Their Impact  
Want more from your volunteers? (It’s okay to say yes.) Discover a new way to magnify the impact volunteers have on your mission. You’ll leave this session knowing how to increase your volunteers’ impact by creating and communicating a timely and cost-effective sense of community and purpose. Make your volunteers feel essential to your mission, and create unique, impactful, sustainable volunteer experiences that directly generate an impact and future revenue. 
Speakers: Mohan Sudabattula, Founder and CEO; Tate Becker, CFO—Project Embrace

Financial Board Reports for Nonprofits 
“Champions are brilliant at the basics.”* And what could be more basic to nonprofit leadership than financial reports? Participate in this session to solidify (or re-solidify) your understanding of monthly financial reporting and what you can expect from your accounting team regarding standard financial reporting and board reports. We will discuss key performance indicators (KPIs) and illustrate, using examples, financial reporting done both well and poorly. Brilliant financial leadership starts now with you. (*Thank you Coach Wooden for helping us break down brilliance.) 
Speaker: John Haglund, Controller/CFO Consultant, NOW CFO

Leveraging the Power of Conversation: Building Community, Understanding, and Relationship
Learn how to amplify your organizational efforts with story-driven dialogue! In this interactive session, attendees will: experience the Living Room Conversations model, explore how to adapt it to build relationship and understanding with both stakeholders and community members, and use that understanding for better advocacy, fundraising, and community engagement opportunities. Walk away with a strategic plan to get the conversations started and elevate the issues you care most about.
Speaker: Becca Kearl, Managing Partner and Director of Programming, Living Room Conversations
Category: Community Engagement, Organizational Culture, Personal Growth

Wednesday, September 22: 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm

Best Practices in Cybersecurity for all Budgets 
Your nonprofit—regardless of its size or the beauty of its mission—could be the target of a cyber-attack. You need to protect your mission, finances, and reputation from malware, data breaches, ransomware, and more.  This must-attend session provides actionable first steps for implementing a strong cyber-defense.  
Speaker: Matt Huff, CIO, Tanner LLC
Category: Operations, Information Technology

Community-Centric Fundraising: A Movement for the 21st Century 
Join us for a thoughtful exploration of Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF)and how it is informed by community impact, needs, and voices to invite donor engagement and support equity and social justice. We’ll share the principles of our CCF implementation at Park City Community Foundation, what we’ve learned, and what a fundraising movement for the 21st century might mean for your organization and community.  
Speakers: Diego Zegarra, Vice President of Equity and Impact; Alexis Brown Brotherton, Corporate Partnerships & Development Manager—Park City Community Foundation
Category: Fundraising, Community Engagement

How to Embrace, Welcome, and Celebrate Equity and Inclusion – A Panel Discussion 
Embrace the opportunities we have to create equitable and inclusive organizations. Systemic problems require systemic solutions. Join us for a panel discussion that features people from organizations that have begun to bring change to their nonprofits. You’ll hear frank, honest, and open stories about what has worked (and what has not) and the challenges they have faced on these important journeys and have the opportunity to bring your questions about how to advance equity and inclusion in your nonprofit and beyond. 
Jerry Rapier, Artistic Director, Plan B Theatre
Natalie El-Deiry, Executive Director, International Rescue Committee
Princess Gutierrez, UNA REDI Committee/UNA Board Member, Utah Nonprofits Association
Moderator: Charese Jamison, Diversity Equity Inclusion Lead, CHG Healthcare
Category: REDI (Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion), Organizational Culture

Thursday, September 23: 10:45 am to 12:00 pm

Nonprofit Self-Care: A Good Start for Your Organization and Community 
Say yes to embracing abundance for your organization, team, and community! Doing good in the world starts with being a good organization. This presentation will demonstrate how to re-center your nonprofit’s core structure along social-justice values, self-care principles, and equity convictions and to use this newly centered approach to affect change in the larger community. Think of this session as self-care for your nonprofit—because goodness matters. 
Speakers: Jennifer Nuttall, Executive Director; Rosa Bandeirinha, Communications Manager; Elaine Ellis, Board Member—Neighborhood House
Category: Leadership and Organizational Culture, Operations

Community Engagement in Action: A Case Study from USEE's Utah ELP Project 
Is your organization embarking on a large project with multiple stakeholders? Are you working on community engagement?  USEE will walk you through how they worked with the community to develop an Environmental Literacy Plan for Utah, the tools they used, and how they engage stakeholders. Using this project as a case study, USEE will share tips, tricks, and trip-ups so that you can launch your next community engagement project with confidence.  
Speaker: Alex Porpora, Executive Director, Utah Society for Environmental Education
Category: Community Engagement

Hit Refresh on Planned Giving A Collaborative and Informational Refresher on Planned Giving Tools  
Are you making the most of planned giving? Join Steve from BKD CPAs & Advisors for a refresher on planned giving and learn (or revisit) how to incorporate a variety of donation vehicles into your planned-giving strategies. You’ll leave this session confident in your understanding of gifting options, including donor advised funds, annuities, trusts and endowments, their pros and cons, facts and misconceptions, and the financial implications for both donors and organizations. Steve recognizes that many organizations already employ these tactics in their development repertoire, so looks forward to engaging participants in their experiences, as well. Bring your questions and experiences to this session to learn and share with our community. 
Speaker: Steven Sauer, CPA, Director, BKD CPAs & Advisors
Category: Finance, Fundraising