2023 Keynote and Breakout Sessions

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2023 Keynote: Lindsay Hadley

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: Unleashing Nonprofit Potential Through the Convener Model Lindsay Hadley

In this keynote presentation, Lindsay Hadley, global social impact consultant, fundraiser, and Executive Producer of the upcoming thought-provoking documentary, Uncharitable, introduces the transformative power of the Convener Model. Drawing on real-world examples and insights from Uncharitable, Lindsay explores the potential for this model to reshape the landscape of social impact initiatives. The Convener Model provides an alternative to working in silos and competing for resources. By fostering collaboration and collective action, nonprofits have exponential impact and can create lasting, positive change in our communities. With her extensive expertise and passion for fostering meaningful connections, Lindsay challenges us to reimagine the dynamics of philanthropy and embrace a more inclusive, sustainable, and effective approach to driving social change. 

About Lindsay:

Lindsay Hadley is the Director of Client Relations at Capita Financial Network. With a passion for making a positive impact in the world, she has a long history of humanitarian work and has raised more than $40M+ directly for her clients and leveraged billions for major causes and campaigns.  

Most recently, Lindsay serves as an Executive Producer of the upcoming documentary, Uncharitable, featuring Dan Pallotta's work that challenges the way we think about charitable organization overhead. The film, directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, features nonprofit luminaries such as actor Edward Norton and Executive Directors of the Ford Foundation, Charity Water, Invisible Children, Boys and Girls Club of America, and the Wounded Warrior to name a few. 

Lindsay has also played a pivotal role as a Founder Member, Chief Development Officer, and Executive Producer of Global Citizen, organizing notable events such as The End of Polio Concert in Perth, Australia, and the iconic Global Citizen Festival in Central Park. Lindsay's entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish FilmRaise, a platform that partners with esteemed NGOs like the Nelson Mandela Foundation and The Malala Fund, earning money for charitable causes through film views. Lindsay was selected as one of Utah Business magazine’s 2015 FORTY UNDER 40 and sits on numerous boards as a director or advisor. She is the mother of 3 boys and the wife of a loving and supportive husband. She prizes family and personal relationships over everything else. 

 2023 Breakout Sessions

Passion to Performance: Proving your Impact
Most organizations "count" things, but how relevant are the measures being collected? Can your nonprofit do more to translate the info you collect into true insights about your work? In a world of growing needs and limited resources, funders want more than heart-stirring stories. They want to invest in well-managed organizations that can demonstrate meaningful, lasting impact. In this session you'll learn the importance of data collection and how it can improve your effectiveness.
Speaker: Dan Prater, FORVIS

Creating a Culture of Action: How to Make Your Strategic Plan a Reality
Often the bane of strategic planning's existence is what comes AFTER a plan has been adopted. This immersive session will equip you with a clear and collaborative game plan for implementing your strategic plan or annual work goals. From developing and tracking metrics, to tools you can use in reporting the progress of your plan, you’ll acquire practical knowledge and walk away with templates for both strategic and operational planning while learning how to turning your strategic ideas into tangible results.
Speaker: Mackey Smith, Tanner LLC

Building Your Dream Team  
We all know the value of working with a dream team to help meet our organizational goals, but the process of finding and hiring that team has become increasingly challenging in today's world. From crafting the right job description with balanced compensation, to interviewing and proper screening, learn how to engage and support candidates through the hiring and onboarding process. Hear from experts and real examples of how to shift from a scarcity to investment mindset and find and retain the right talent for your dream team.   
Speakers: Amanda Hughes, Boys and Girls Club of Greater SLC; Todd Ebert and Corie Pitcher, ISOTalent

From Value to Reality: Actually Doing the Work of Equity  
You wouldn’t enact a program without evaluating your capacity and unique organizational needs. The same applies to your equity goals. In this session, you’ll learn strategies for weaving IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) into organizational work, methods for prioritizing needs in competitive ecosystems, and connections to additional supports to customize and execute the work well. In short, we’ll discuss how to move from simply valuing IDEA concepts to actually DOING it. 
Speaker: Victoria Petro, Pathway Associates

The Future of Nonprofit Marketing: Unleashing the Power of AI for Good
In this session, you'll learn how to unleash the power of AI to create high-quality content for your website, social media, and email campaigns. We'll start by exploring the different types of generative AI, how to choose the right one for your needs, and how to use these models to create content that is relevant, engaging, and informative. You'll leave with practical strategies that you can implement immediately to increase donations, awareness, and engagement.
Speaker: Michael Gburski, Jadefire Development

Successful Fiscal Sponsorships—Doing it Right! 
Leverage your organization’s mission through the effective use of fiscal sponsorships. Whether you are a mature organization or a start-up hoping to grow into an independent 501(c)(3), fiscal sponsorships can be an additional tool to expand your reach. Join experienced nonprofit attorneys and CPAs to learn how and when fiscal sponsorships can benefit your organization and the basics of doing it right. Learn about structural options, key accounting and IRS requirements, and responsibilities and considerations for a fiscal sponsorship agreement.  
Speakers: Shalaun Howell, CPA, Bountiful Peak Advisors; Aaron Garett and Nathan Garcia, Attorneys, Nonprofit Legal Services

Build Team Loyalty with Family-Friendly Workplace Solutions  
Childcare issues in Utah result in an estimated $1.10 billion loss to employers due to absenteeism and turnover. Family-friendly workplaces require flexibility and innovative childcare benefits to help Utah families access high-quality, affordable care for their children. Participants will enjoy a lively discussion and leave with a toolkit designed to find solutions that address unique workforce needs, along with funding strategies to help implement innovative solutions.
Speaker: Kabi Catalano, Utah Community Builders

Grand Slam: Engaging your Entire Team in Fundraising 
Fundraising is a team sport! To be successful, everyone has to join in. This session will provide strategies and tips for leadership and your fundraising team to engage every stakeholder, board member, staff member, and volunteer in fundraising. Participants will dive into the psychology of fundraising, including learning how to overcome common fears when making an ask and discovering how to construct an effective pitch through storytelling. This is a fast paced and interactive session; come prepared to talk! 
Speakers: Hannah Williams and Andrew George, Almora Advisors

Nonprofits and the Law: When, Why, and How to Use Lawyers 
Nonprofits face a number of legal and regulatory issues, but engaging legal counsel can be difficult (and potentially expensive). And while having an attorney on your board or finding other workarounds can be helpful in the short term, they’re not always the best, or right solution. This session will highlight the most significant legal issues nonprofits face and provide recommendations as to when, why, and how to interact with legal counsel to ensure the mission of the organization is protected and advanced. 
Speaker: Brent Andrewsen, Holland & Hart LLP

Public Relations: The Goodwill Garnered  
Done strategically, Public Relations can lead to free advertising, grassroots marketing, amplified communications, and strong community relationships. For nonprofit organizations, we like to say that PR is the “Goodwill Garnered,” allowing us to increase our reach, visibility, credibility, and brand recognition. Learn the difference between advertising and public relations, how to leverage strong community relationships, and how to develop as essential PR toolkit. Step away with a plan to leverage public influence and inspire community advocates. 
Speakers: Amandi Hepari and Danielle Neveselov, United Way of Northern Utah

Develop a YODA (Your Own Decision Advisor) to Enhance Your Nonprofit 
We make on average 35,000 decisions in a single day. Some decisions are fairly inconsequential (like picking what socks to wear), while others greatly impact your personal wellbeing and your organization's success. In this session, you will learn how to integrate your mental, emotional, and physical health to enhance your decision making. Learn techniques to rise above the stress and demands of your role to make decisions that align with your values and purpose. Developing a YODA will help you expand your leadership skills and improve your decision-making methods to better support your team, your organizational culture, and your impact in the community. 
Speaker: Dr. Rob Harter, Christian Center of Park City

Volunteer Recruitment Strategies—Finding Your Perfect Fit 
Gone are the days of warm-body recruitment. When volunteers aren’t a good fit, there can be significant consequences for both the volunteer and the organization. This session emphasizes the importance of strategic recruitment and thoughtful matching processes to maximize the positive impact of volunteer efforts. Learn how to design effective recruitment strategies and messaging, reach targeted audiences, and identify the right resources to build a strong recruitment program with high retention, ensuring that your volunteers find meaningful and fulfilling roles while maximizing their impact on your mission. 
Speaker: Mike Moon, UServeUtah 

The Daring Way Leadership Manifesto: Exploring Our Deep Need for Connection  
We all do better when we are seen, heard, and connected (with others, our community, our passions, and our stories). This presentation is for anyone who holds themselves accountable for finding potential in people and processes. Using Brené Brown's “Daring Way” framework, Lennie will help attendees explore their deep need for connection and the things that get in the way. You’ll also learn how to engage with your community and empower others to make healthy connections. 
Speaker: Lennie Knowlton, Project Connection

Nonprofits' Forgotten Job: Optimize Your Board Development & Recruitment Program 
A well-structured and engaged board plays a critical role in shaping the success of a nonprofit. Learn how to implement or improve a board development program that can be easily executed with fidelity in just a few months. This session will address the problem of having an ambiguous, unofficial, or non-existent board development plan. Learn tactical practices and soft-skilled approaches to support your board and leave with key takeaways to rate your current efforts and develop an action plan to foster ownership of board development by the board itself. Whether you're seeking to expand your board or enhance its capabilities, this session will provide you with the tools to cultivate a dynamic and high-impact board. 
Speaker: Eddrick Martin, Elevated Momentum LLC

Community at the Center: How to Meaningfully Engage our Community in our Everyday Work 
Whether you are a grassroots volunteer, a credentialled professional, or someone in between, working to address critical civic and social issues is essential to our collective success. And the key to this work is making sure it’s done by and with our community in a meaningful and robust way. With over a decade of community engagement expertise, Taylor will explore practical and systemic solutions to engage our diverse communities authentically and consistently, with the goal of building a healthy, stable and well-educated community where individuals and families can thrive. 
Speaker: Taylor Knuth, Salt Lake City Arts Council 

Creating a Neuro-Inclusive Nonprofit  
This interactive workshop focuses on best practices for increasing neuro-inclusivity by exploring the challenges and barriers autistic individuals may face in engaging with nonprofits. Learn how to develop a more neuro-inclusive culture, from your board to your staff and the constituents you serve. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss what strategies have worked and identify actionable next steps to implement at their organizations.  
Speakers: Sumiko Martinez, Madison House Autism; Anna Smythe, Thrive Utah

Wellness in Your Workplace
In a new study from the Harris Poll and the National Institute of Mental Wellbeing 48% of mental health professionals are considering leaving their jobs. Additionally, we are experiencing a labor crisis largely due to burnout. In the nonprofit sector, burnout, overwork, and overwhelm often surface as we serve, campaign, and help our communities. But what can leaders do to help? Creating stronger workplace systems that are efficient and increase mindfulness in daily workplace practices can reduce burnout among your team and keep your nonprofit fully funded, fully staffed, and running strong. Join this session to learn and understand employee mental health factors including daily workplace practices that create burnout and develop concrete strategies to reduce burnout and implement wellness in your workplace.  
Speaker: Tanisha Shedden, Found, LLC

Engaging Your Audience: Key Strategies for Successful Grant Writing 
99% of successful grant writing depends on understanding what the grantor—your audience—wants (and needs) to know. In this session, you’ll learn how to analyze grant applications and RFPs, triangulate research, engage with collaboration, and learn from previous declines. By understanding the needs of your audience, clearly articulating your project’s goals and outcomes, and aligning with the values of your funder, you can significantly increase your chances of securing the funding needed to bring your mission to life. 
Speaker: Annette MacFarlane, Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre