2022 Compensation and Benefit Report

The 2022 Compensation and Benefits Survey administered by Gallagher Surveys provides detailed information on a wide range of academic and support positions commonly found in Utah’s nonprofits. The data is effective as of January 1, 2022.

Gallagher Surveys and Utah Nonprofit Association extend our thanks to all the organizations who carefully shared information about their compensation packages. Gallagher, in particular, appreciates the opportunity to serve the nonprofit organizations in the state and hopes you find these results useful. We welcome your feedback and suggestions regarding the survey, and look forward to your participation in future surveys. 

Nonprofit members who participated in the survey receive the report for free. We’ve emailed an exclusive discount code to the person at each organization who submitted the survey.  Other questions including if you should receive a free report? Please email us at info@utahnonprofits.org.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Members that completed the survey: Free!
  • Nonprofit members: $80
  • Not-Yet-Nonprofit Members: $160
  • Business Members: $500
  • Not-Yet-Business Members: $1,000
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