A Summer of Fitness, At Memory Grove

Aug 21, 2024
Memory Grove Park 300 N Canyon Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


Bringing Hope, Health, Wellness, and Fitness Integrating genres of Pop, R&B, Country, & Jazz Orchestral August 21st is “National Seniors Day”. When it comes to the quality of life for seniors, we must consider the important role that socialization plays. That is why we are commemorating this day August 21st as a healthy fitness day for older adults. Music and Medicine coming together to heal and bring our community together. Enablingsocial activity is linked to a number of health benefits - remaining in good health is important for the quality of life of all seniors, many of whom are struggling with loneliness or looking to improve their social life. Music not only brings people together but has many proven health and cognitive benefits.. In many cases, music can broaden seniors’ social networks. as well as joining in with others to make and/or listen to music sparking discussions that improve connections with both friends and family members.