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Policy Catalyst

Published in Public Policy, Outreach & Community Relations

Whether your group is new to policy work or not, we add muscle and efficiency to your approach. Now more than ever, it’s time to deepen your relationship with elected officials and discover the right balance between grasstops (influential people with connections to policymakers) and grassroots strategies.

  • Policy analysis: We provide policy development or walk you the ropes. Where can you find the data to support your agenda? How should you leverage best practices? That’s us! 
  • Administrative advocacy: Congrats, your bill just became law—now what? How that law gets implemented can make or break its intent. We can do this work for you or show you how.
  • Storybanking: For some policy issues, stories can be more compelling than facts! We help you find and craft stories to amplify your public policy priorities.
  • Surveys and Focus Groups: Take advantage of Policy Catalyst >20 years experience in these areas.

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