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Policy Catalyst

Published in Consulting

We help nonprofits achieve their public policy goals with proven community engagement and digital strategies, policy analysis, grant writing, strategic planning, and evaluation. It takes considerable work to turn your compelling mission into a strategic plan that is responsive and flexible to changing conditions and to your evolving membership. Our expertise:   

  • Theory of Change modelling to guide your strategies, tactics, and technologies.
  • Discovering and growing your base.  What makes them tick or take action? With the right tools, your constituents can climb the Ladder of Engagement.
  • Coalition work: Tap into new grassroots groups and harness the power of intersecting campaigns.
  • Communications Plan: Every nonprofit group needs one—and it needs to guide your activities and not collect dust on the shelf. We help you put that plan into practice with practical tools and tactics.
  • Evaluation: You will use data, analytics, and survey input to fine tune strategies and tactics. 


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