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Thank you for your interest in reaching Utah's nonprofits community.

The "Independent Sector, a vital voice for all, 2012" reports that Utah Nonprofits:

  • Generate $7.7 billion in annual revenues
  • Employ 51,000 people—almost 5% of the state's workforce
  • Hold assets of $13 billion
  • Consist of 9,083 organizations (2011)
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The Utah Nonprofits Associations (UNA) is the umbrella membership association for nonprofit organizations in Utah. UNA was created by and for people who strive for a stronger, more professional nonprofit community in Utah. UNA currently has over 650 members and we are constantly growing, with approximately 1,200 more good nonprofit candidates for our community.

Nonprofits have been asking for one place for them to access services and find out what services their colleagues are using. If you are interested in doing business with nonprofits and using UNA's Marketplace to reach this highly targeted audience, this is your chance to answer their call. If you currently do business with nonprofits, we encourage you to say so as specifically as possible when you list or advertise and describe your business.

The UNA Business Marketplace was developed to assist nonprofits in connecting to businesses that are interested in working with the nonprofit community. The next development will be to add a component that will allow nonprofits to rate their experiences working with business in the marketplace.

Last year the UNA website received nearly 68,000 visitors per year, approaching 5,700 per month. With our re-designed website, including expanded and improved Business Marketplace, we anticipate exciting growth in the months ahead.

Marketplace Advertising

Marketplace listings and display ads are excellent ways to promote your business, services and products to a highly targeted audience of nonprofit businesses.

All listings are sold on an annual, non-refundable basis. Each listing has two views. The first listing view is a summary view, which is used when all the businesses in a category are listed on a page.

You have two listing options:

  • Basic Listing – in which your business appears alphabetically among the other businesses within the chosen category(ies).
  • Featured Listing – in which your business appears at the top of the list among up to three featured businesses per category.

You may also place a display ad.

Display Ad – On each category page of the business listings the website is formated for Display Ads. Ad dimensions are 840pixels by 140 pixels. When you purchase a Display Ad, you also receive a Basic Listing in that same category. Clicking the ad leads to a designated page on your business website.

These three advertising methods provide your business excellent opportunities to promote your business to our statewide nonprofit community.

Categories Basic Listing Featured Listing Display Ad***
1st* $299 $499 $699
Additional $49 $399 $599
Membership** Included Included Included

(*) Rough Monthly Cost Breakdown (Payment will need to be made on an annual basis, not monthly): Basic listing = $25, Featured listing = $42, Display ad = $58

(**) All Businesses appearing in the Marketplace also receive UNA Business Membership for a full year ($250 value), entitling them to discounted rates on trainings and the annual conference as well as free access to our networking events.

(***) All display ads include a basic listing within the same category.

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