Business Membership

For businesses serving the nonprofit community in Utah that wish to support UNA and its activities as well as gain exposure within the nonprofit community through a listing in the Services for Nonprofits. 

Business Membership Listings

  • Basic Listing – in which your business appears alphabetically among the other businesses within the chosen category (ies).
  • Featured Listing – in which your business appears at the top of the list with other featured businesses per category.
  • Display Listing – on the top of each category listing there is one Display Listing. Display image dimensions are 840 pixels by 140 pixels. Clicking the image leads to a designated page on your business website.
Listing Basic Featured Display
One Category $299 $499 $699
Two Categories $348 $898 $1,298
Three Categories $397 $1,297 $1,897

After submitting the form below you will receive an email to activate your log in credentials.  Once your credentials are activated, you can purchase your choice of a business listing here

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