Collyn Mosquito

Public Policy Coordinator

As UNA’s Public Policy Coordinator, Collyn brings passion and expertise to his work on behalf of Utah’s nonprofit community. Brought on in April 2019, he joined team UNA with experience working for both city and state government, a Provo women’s advocacy group, political campaigns, having volunteered for various nonprofits, and married a nonprofit founder.

Collyn is dedicated to advocating on behalf of the entire nonprofit community. He researches legislation and regulations that have wide impact on nonprofits, analyzes public policy options, meets with elected officials, designs advocacy training and events for nonprofits, and carries out UNA’s Public Policy and Advocacy Strategy. Collyn’s work unifies, strengthens, and elevates Utah’s nonprofit community.

Collyn received a B.A. in Political Science from Brigham Young University with a minor in civic engagement. He is currently attending Westminster College for his M.A. in community leadership.