Dawn McLain

Rural Utah Independent Contractor 

Dawn McLain is the Owner of Write It Up!, a small, full-service advertising agency that focuses on the unique needs of small to medium companies and nonprofit organizations for the past 25 years.

Write It Up! combines a philanthropic philosophy and spirit with a true passion for supporting charitable organizations that improve our quality of life and build better communities for everyone. We celebrate opportunities that enable our team to provide key marketing, PR services and strategies to the nonprofit sector in order to create success and sustainability for the many vital programs they provide.

Dawn has been heavily involved in both print and television media throughout her career. As a respected professional she has led many educational programs on marketing, media and public relations to nonprofit agencies and the business community.

Dawn has been a published author since 1986, when her poetry first appeared in Young Kansas Writers. Since that time, she has written a children’s book, Too Much for Dinner, and written/reported for many newspapers, magazines, online news forums, television, radio, blogs and various other media outlets.