Kate Rubalcava

Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (801) 596-1800

Kate Rubalcava, a Utah native, has nearly two decades of community development, organizing and nonprofit experience. Over the years Ms. Rubalcava has had the opportunity to blend her learning of social justice, educational equity, and adult/college student development theory with practical knowledge and experience in her work with local nonprofits, school districts, government agencies, local municipalities, residents, and businesses in a way that has enhanced her experiential knowledge of communities.

Presently Kate is the Chief Executive Officer of the Utah Nonprofits Association. An organization dedicated to serving nonprofits in Utah through training, policy and advocacy, and membership services. Her career includes leading a statewide coalition to provide Earned Income Tax Credit outreach and free income tax preparation. She has established community schools, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the sister island nation of St. Kitts-Nevis, promoted higher education, and worked to increase community and resident leadership. She has also been an adjunct faculty in the School of Education at Westminster College. She has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and a Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy. Obtained by Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah, respectively.

Kate is also an active member in her community. She has served on a variety of nonprofit boards and committees over the years all with the focus of enhancing the community she has always called home (Salt Lake City’s West Side). Her most memorable involvements have been her service on the Policy Civilian Review Board for Salt Lake City Police Department from 2014-2016 where she was able to successfully advocate for more transparent policies and oversight of the creation of a mural in Jordan Park which turned a blighted building into a beacon of color and beauty. She also proudly watched as her mentee of two years, a young Afghani woman involved in Catholic Community Services Youth Refugee Foster Care Program, walked across the stage and accepted her high school diploma in 2016. Presently she serves as Secretary and Board Member for the National Council of Nonprofits, located in Washington, D.C.

To restore balance Kate can be found practicing her archery skills at the local range, brunching with friends, and occasionally talking herself into a jog. A lover of movies you can also find her at the theater on five dollar movie nights catching a flick with friends and family. She can also be found consuming stories and media written and performed by people of color in her podcasts and in a books club she co-leads.