May 06, 2020

pov: UNA New and Reliable

Time has oddly both stood still and moved at a rapid pace since February. I have just started week nine working from home and over much reflection these past several days, I have come to the realization that I don’t remember exactly what it was like to work in an office around people. 

Like you I am adapting and changing. Internally, as a nonprofit leader, I am implementing new organizational polices. I am working to make sure my staff has what they need and I’m checking in with each of them regularly. I am continuing to fundraise in a very weird environment. Externally, I am working really hard to make sure that our nonprofit voices don’t get silenced or left out of larger, more important conversations. Managing all of those components and more has been exhausting. And like all of you, I am navigating how to properly balance work and home when work is my home and my home is my work.

In these nine weeks it’s been clear to me that having access to resources and information is something that is critically important and allows for the best avenue for efficiency. With that in mind, Team UNA has been hard at work. We’ve expanded our resources and services to help you respond to the organizational and financial challenges ushered in by COVID-19—all while continuing to bring you our standard slate of benefits structured to save you time and money and lift your capacity. This is an ongoing effort for us. We add new training and courses as they become available. Everything we do is to help you emerge as whole as possible when we this crisis is behind us.

Keeping with the theme of having access to resources right now, here are some of Team UNA’s Top 10 Favorite ways that your membership with the UNA helps:

1. Nonprofit Members can receive free human resource support (for a limited time) through Beehive Insurance through their:
a. Beehive Online HR Library – a tool providing the latest HR News, comprehensive content for all aspect of managing Human Capital, including handbooks, performance management, Healthcare Reform, and hundreds of downloadable handbooks, forms, policies, and checklists.
b. Free and unlimited personal consultations though HivePlus. Phone, email, or live chat with their team of HR professionals. Take advantage of three free legal consults with their contracted Attorney pool.
2. Save 20% on a Zoom annual subscription! Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to meet online, with or without video.
3. Connect staff and board members to training grounded in best practices, including the UNA Annual Conference, the UNA Credential, and Nonprofit Day on the Hill.
4. Gain access to best practice guidance and standards for your Board of Directors through the UNA Standard of Ethics Program.
5. Nonprofit Members can post on the UNA Job Board, which has been expanded to include Board of Director openings and volunteer opportunities.
6. Nonprofit Members can purchase a full one-year membership to for only $75 (regular price up to $699 annually). You can search through thousands of private and governmental grant makers at the local, state and federal level and GrantStation has curated a list of the latest COVID-19 grant funding opportunities.
7. In times of uncertainty, connection can be key to survival. UNA’s Nonprofit Leaders Group tightens your bond with other nonprofit leaders from all across Utah. This group mailing list, just for nonprofit leaders, provides a virtual space for you to connect, create, and collaborate. Use the list to work together to troubleshoot problems, share solutions, and offer optimism. The Nonprofit Leaders in Utah Group—a free service—is open to all Executive Directors and CEOs of Nonprofit Members.
8. Consult our online Resource Library and download policies, procedures, and guidelines on topics covering everything from Cybersecurity, to Fundraising, to Executive Leadership transitions, and everything in between.
9. UNA advocates for nonprofits everywhere and promotes a strong nonprofit sector in Utah. Expands public awareness of issues that affect Utah nonprofit organizations. Increases financial support from the public and private sectors. Ensures public policies are inclusive and equitable for Utah’s nonprofits. Builds relationships and enhances communication with UNA members, community leaders, and the public at large.
10. And every membership (including yours!) we receive goes to supporting advocacy on the behalf of nonprofits statewide.
Before I know it nine weeks is going to turn into the dog days of summer. And hopefully I’ll have a better handle on balancing work and home (namely more sleep and sun). As time flies faster than we can manage and this pandemic continues to plague us please make sure to continuously circle back around to our training, news, and COVID-19 resources. We will continue to communicate with you regularly but not all additions will make it into a UNA Nonprofit Newsletter or Rapid Read. Lastly, if there is something that you need and are not seeing please reach out to me. I’ll do my best to help you resolve that need and assist where I can.

Sending you, your family, team, and community love and grace.