September 04, 2019

pov: The Importance of Now!

The importance of Now!

September is here which also means that our annual nonprofit conference is here! I have been very inspired watching Jill and Alison work tirelessly with the conference committee. Together they are making sure that we have a wonderful slate of presenters, that our marketing meets your interest, and that our award winners will stun you all with their commitment and expertise. All of this ramping up reminds me that what we do, NOW, in this moment is important for how our futures our laid out for us.

Sometimes I wander into Jill’s office and stare at the conference breakout calendar that is on her wall – when I look at this calendar I see the hopeful expressions of the participants, I see the excitement about what can be implemented when they get back to the office, and I see my team’s dedication in assuring that you all have a wonderful time on September 26th.

There are wonderful parallels in looking toward the nonprofit conference later this month to how we can plan and act now for the future of our organizations and the programming we provide. For starters, if you see something that needs to be modified or fixed now, it’s best not to wait to take care of it. No matter how small the leak is now, it will get bigger if left untouched. If you see a staff member struggling with creative ways to connect to clients it’s time to step in and offer some advice or additional training. And if you are looking for an opening to get a spark of rejuvenation, the time is now.

Team UNA and our conference committee have been planning this conference for 11 months – if you’re doing the math, yes it means we end one and almost immediately start a new one – and we appreciate every action you all are taking right now to connect, grow, and learn. We look forward to seeing you all at the conference on September 26! Registration ends on September 23… so don’t delay!

Kate Rubalcava
Chief Executive Officer
Utah Nonprofits Association