December 05, 2018

Resolved: To Be Heard in 2019!

Your voice can be an agent of change—but only if you make it heard. Without your input (what we call advocacy)—government resolutions may inhibit rather than advance your ability to complete your mission. So make Making-Yourself-Heard your nonprofit’s New Year’s Resolution.

UNA programming connects you with the resources you need to find and shape your voice, clarify your strategy, and create and sustain lasting, meaningful relationships with policy makers. Our mix and match ensemble—Advocacy 101, Nonprofit Day on the Hill, and Nonprofit Organizational Credential training in Advocacy and Civic Engagement—equips you to make your voice resonate with policy makers and with your community.

Programming begins on January 17th so that you will be ready to go when the Utah Legislature General Session begins on January 28, 2019.

Making yourself heard is not only legal, it’s an essential part of your responsibilities! Begin your resolution to Make-Yourself-Heard right now by choosing the right path (below) for your organization.

Advocacy Chart 5