October 31, 2018

POV: Inspired & Grateful

On October 25th I facilitated a nonprofit career panel hosted by the Thayne Center on Salt Lake Community College’s campus (also proud UNA members!). I left there feeling so inspired and so incredibly thankful for the nonprofit sector, the partners that UNA has and the amazing professionals in this field.


On the career panel was Apollo Burgamy with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, Liz Owens with Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, Martha Wunderli with Fair Credit Foundation, and Amy Nguyen Wiscombe with Salt Lake Bicycle Collective. This amazing group of professionals has such a wide range of skills, perspective, and influence and I couldn’t help but be thankful to be in their presence.

The panel was career focused and each person shared stories about their journey in the field. A thread that kept coming up was how varied their experiences were but all were driven by mission. Apollo brought with him a career in the Navy. Martha spoke about being a switch-board operator and facing gender discrimination as she searched for work. Liz connected how important justice studies were to how gender became her personal theme throughout her career. Amy talked about leaning in to her passion and searching specifically for a job that allowed her to work with bikes. I kept hearing them voice the importance of being empowered as a professional to know what you want.

The conversation also took on an authentic flavor when we spoke about self-doubt and how leaning into mentorship opportunities can really help you see yourself as others see you. I truly am inspired. I’m inspired because the nonprofit field is stacked high with professionals like Martha, Amy, Apollo, and Liz.  And I get the privilege to work beside them, to learn for them, and to be inspired by them.

As we start November, the season of being thankful is everywhere. Let this be a call to you all to engage in powerful, positive, and meaningful experiences that remind you how thankful you are to be where you’re at.