November 06, 2023

POV: On Grief and Healing

By Jill Bennett

My heart is heavy for the lives lost in Lewiston, Maine just a few short weeks ago. This tragedy underscores how precious each life is and reminds me of how deeply integrated our work is. Our colleagues at the Maine Association of Nonprofits quickly responded to the needs of their communities, addressing the horrific events that occurred in their state while providing ways for Maine nonprofits to connect, share resources, and find support.

So many nonprofits in Utah, Maine, and every state in our country aid people suffering from mental illness, provide support for anyone experiencing personal or generational trauma, lift those with different abilities, provide healing to the physical ramifications of violence, and provide solace to people and families experiencing unimaginable grief. 

This work—while always hard—just became a little bit harder. So please take care of yourself as best you can. And when you are ready, find support for your work in creating a fair, just, safe, and joyful world by reaching out to your community of fellow nonprofits.  

Change falls to us—but is easier as a community. These resources may help.