October 06, 2022

POV: Thank You for Not Voting

By Jill Bennett

Yes. You heard me. Thank you for not voting. Voting is always inconsequential. And in case you are teetering, and might consider voting, here are six reasons why you are on the right track.

  1. Voting is a power move and therefore reinforces power and status dynamics.
  2. A new poll concluded that, "Voters Want Congress to Strengthen Nonprofits." And since our elected officials pay attention to polls and community needs when creating policies and allocating resources, voting becomes irrelevant. Nonprofits need take no action to ensure that elected officials are on board with the needs of my organization and our stakeholders.
  3. Utah's successful vote by mail initiative makes it easy to...get papercuts. And papercuts are painful. Avoiding pain is just human nature and therefore, not voting becomes the humane thing to do. Don't even get me started on the added expense of antibacterial ointment and band aids. It's a lot.
  4. Not voting releases you from any responsibility for the actions of those you would have otherwise voted for. You're completely freed up to say things like, "Don't blame me. I didn't vote." In a world where sure things are hard to come by, this is comforting.
  5. None of the candidates in any of the local, county, state, or federal elections fully represents my views. I simply refuse to compromise my ideals.
  6. My vote doesn't matter. It's not like my vote could ever change an outcomes in an important election—I mean, the last time a House election was determined by 6 votes or fewer was in Iowa, way back in...2020.

If all this makes sense to you—and why wouldn't it?—please don't stop here. Take no effort to encourage your stakeholders to register to vote in Utah by October 28, 2022.

Thank you again for not voting.