September 07, 2022

Make Sure the Employee Retention Tax Credit is On Your Radar!

Be Sure to File the Employee Retention Tax Credit

The ERTC was extremely beneficial for UNA. And if it's 10% as valuable for your organization as it was for us, it'll be worth your time. We're a small organization and have never had more than five FTE; however, we received checks for over $75,000 from the US Treasury.

This information should give you a foundation to move forward if you have not yet filed and, if you have, to help you get your check faster.

  • The deadline for filing will be in 2023-24
  • You can file for the ERTC if you received PPP funding from the federal government
  • Learn more about the ERTC by:

If you're ready to file the ERTC, you can theoretically do so on your own. However, we strongly recommend taking an easier path by working with BOXFIN. All we had to do was provide them with our documents and they were able to review, complete, and submit our paperwork from there. It couldn’t have been easier!

Fine Print: What’s important to UNA is that you apply for the ERTC if it’s in your best interest. Just so you know, should you decide to do that with BOXFIN, we have a revenue sharing agreement which means that BOXFIN shares a portion of the revenue they earn from filing the ERTC on behalf of organizations referred by UNA.