August 11, 2022

UNA Annual Conference: Sessions and Benefits

Looking for more reasons to attend the UNA Annual Conference this year? Read on for some inspiration and motivation. 

  • Attending Connecting the Dots on Donor Behavior will provide you with valuable, data-driven insights to create a fundraising strategy that embraces changes in donor behavior. Tweaking your strategy translates into more effective implementation and ultimately, more donations. (Worth it even if this is the only session you can attend!)  
  • If the session Building Collaborative Partnerships—Merging the Public and Private Sectors equips you to develop just one partnership with one business, then you will have paid for 10+ years of conference registrations. (How do you measure the value of a strategic partner? More funding? Greater Impact? Better sleep? Answer: all of the above.)  
  • Accounting Hot Topics for Nonprofit Organizations will give you both an understanding of new accounting standards and the confidence to implement them. (Getting ahead of accounting changes saves you four headaches, 8 ibuprofen tablets, and wins you the esteem of your board. Try putting a dollar value on that!) 
  • Going it alone is, well, lonely. UNA is a community of nonprofits, businesses, grantors, and individuals who share your vision for brighter tomorrows. Find them at this year’s UNA Annual Conference, which will include virtual networking, a message board where you can post needs and wants, and so much more!.

Need a reason to register now? You only have through Tuesday, August 16 to save over 30% on Individual Registration or 70% on Organization Registration (organization rate is for up to 10 people and exclusive to UNA Members).


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Join us and some incredible members of our community at our receptions in Ogden on August 18, Salt Lake City on September 20, and Logan on Oct 4. You can also Come Say Hey to UNA at Patagonia on August 26.