May 23, 2022

Nominate a Nonprofit Leader - Submission Deadline is June 30!

Know a superstar whose selflessness, dedication, and commitment makes a meaningful difference? Celebrate the incredible individuals who devote their time and careers to the nonprofit sector by nominating them for UNA's Outstanding Nonprofit Leader or Emerging Nonprofit Leader Award.

Submission Deadline: Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Outstanding Nonprofit Leader personifies the characteristics that make the nonprofit sector instrumental in our communities and in our state. Our view of leadership is not a title or a designation. Instead it is about the people who not only persevere in the face of obstacles, but inspire the people around them to dig deeper and work harder. So your nomination need not be for an Executive Director or CEO, of course, if that is their role, we welcome their nomination. Regardless of title, their passion is contagious and their impact is sustained and meaningful. Outstanding Nonprofit Leaders have six (6) or more years in the nonprofit sector. 

The Emerging Nonprofit Leader has a minimum of two (2) years and a maximum of six (6) years in the nonprofit sector. (It’s more than fine if they have experience outside of the sector.) Within this time frame, your nominee has exemplified integrity, commitment, and cooperation. Your nominee is a leader not because of their title, but because they spread a passion in all endeavors. Your nominee inspires colleagues and cohorts to bring their best selves to the mission. Regardless of their role, their leadership is contagious and their results are impressive.

Submit Your Leader Nomination! 

Please note, this award is for individuals. We are unable to consider nominations for couples/pairs or groups of volunteers or professionals. Multiple nominations for the same individual do not improve chances of selection. Members of the 2022 UNA Conference Committee are not eligible to receive a UNA Nonprofit Leader Award.