March 15, 2022

Call to Action: Urging Congress to Renew Relief for Nonprofits

Join UNA and over 1,500 nonprofits from every state in urging Congress and the Administration to provide nonprofits with critical relief. Nonprofits need more funding, staff, and volunteers to meet increasing demands for their services while they continue to provide critical lifelines for communities as the nation rebuilds.

Help your nonprofit—and nonprofits across the county—by asking our elected officials for support. 

How to Act: Add your organization as a signer to the Nonprofit Coalition Letter to the President and Congressional Leaders on Pandemic and Workforce Shortage Relief. Relief includes:

  • Generating resources to meet the needs of relief and recovery (ex. universal charitable non-itemizer deduction, 100% AGI cap on individual donations, etc.) 
  • Addressing critical staffing shortages (ex. ERTC, Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, etc.) 
  • Promoting the return of volunteers to nonprofits (ex. capacity building grants, increase Volunteer Mileage Rate, etc.) 

When to Act: Before 5pm MST Wednesday, March 16. We want to present as many signatures as possible to create momentum and standing with our elected officials—including the Senate Finance Committee. They meet this Thursday to discuss charitable giving incentives and potentially, more relief for nonprofits.