January 06, 2022

POV: Joy and Fulfillment

My New Year wish is the hope that you find joy and fulfillment this year.

Collectively we are closing out two years of existing in a global pandemic. I am not the first person to proclaim my surprise of adding ‘crushing it during a pandemic’ to my skill set. Nonetheless, here we are approaching Year 3. With that in mind, I applaud you for showing up and doing what you do every day. As a fellow human who cares for you as much as I care for myself and my own family—please protect yourselves as much, and maybe even more, as you would protect your most precious and closest human. Stay home when you don’t feel well. Wear a face mask when you’re out and about. And if you are choosing not to be vaccinated against COVID-19, please make sure the people you are around know the exposure risks.  As with all things, not just pandemic related, relinquish the urge to make folks feel guilty for the decisions they make. 

I have learned that being a leader in our community and of UNA means that I am both Kate the CEO and Kate, the daughter, friend, sister, dog mom, and community member. The code switching that is involved is marvelous but it means that it is exhausting all the time. I expect this happens to you also, at least that is my assumption, because we are not a monolith. My truth is that I am worried about my own health, that of my family, my community, and my staff. I am also working tirelessly to make sure that you have what you need to be successful and to thrive in your work. This is why this message is so intertwined. We have multiple realities and on the job, there is still plenty of work that needs to be done. 

January here in Utah means two major things are on the horizon—the start of the State Legislative Session, which begins on January 18, and the unofficial ribbon cutting ceremony of grant-writing season. Here at UNA we know the unique challenges that exist to in seeking funding and advocating for your mission. Fortunately, we have some resources to provide. Nonprofit Day on the Hill will help you plan, practice and implement an advocacy plan. The UNA Credential in Fundraising and Development is designed to help organizations make sure funds are raised ethically while utilizing a thorough plan (complete with goals and evaluation process). I would love to see you at these upcoming events.  

I want to close with this sentiment. Year 3 of a global pandemic means that we are all tired. We are all frustrated. We are all mourning the loss of someone or something. We are all quick to want a return to normal (a pre pandemic existence). Please remember that we are the same people we were in March of 2020 when the Utah Jazz sounded the alarm bells. We are still the same people who smiled at our colleagues over Zoom and reassured them when their cat hopped into view or their kids stood anxiously behind them. We are still the same people who extended grace and understanding for missed deadlines, frantic emails, and lethargic faces on screen. I implore you as a fellow human, colleague, and friend please bring back the grace that we all extended to one another throughout 2020. Let us not forget that it is still incredibly difficult navigating this public health crisis. Together, with one another, we will emerge from this.