October 26, 2021

When Remote Work is Not Remote* 

We’ve discovered that being remote doesn’t make us remote. In March of 2020, in response to the need for social distancing to curtail the spread of COVID-19, our team gathered up their laptops and essential gear, headed home, and began working remotely—and we’ve been working from our living rooms, basements, and home offices ever since. 

Along the way, we’ve discovered some important things about ourselves and about the delivery of our mission. With rare exception, every event, meeting with members, training, and even our conferences have been delivered virtually. We saw our productivity increase and found that we could continue to provide you with the resources and member benefits that you need to do your best work. We changed Member Central to make it more intuitive and created the UNA Help Desk—a quick way for you to find answers for your nonprofit questions. We’ve also expanded our already long list of exclusive member benefits.  

As you may have, for the last 19 months, we kept asking ourselves, “Do we even need a physical office?” We now know that the answer to that is--we don’t. Working remotely helped us better reach all  nonprofits in Utah. Today, it’s just as easy for nonprofits from anywhere in Utah to participate in our events and make full use of exclusive member benefits, as it had been for nonprofits located in the Wasatch Front. 

We watched more people and organizations outside of the Wasatch Front take part in the Credential, the UNA Annual Conference, and other events—proving to us that being remote didn’t make us remote. We look forward to (continue) proving that to you. Our commitment to delivering service and benefits to you will demonstrate that we can work remotely and remain as close to our community as ever. Can we do remote better? Let us know by emailing us at info@utahnonprofits.org. 

UNA is 100% remote, and still 100% committed to caring for and your organization. We look forward to staying in touch and continuing to reinvent ourselves to better care for you. Stay tuned! 

*We do so love word play, especially oxymorons and hope that this is old news for you.