September 01, 2021

POV: Inspire Your Staff at regroup

I am feeling a little weird these days. It’s almost like I am weaving in the experiences of Groundhog Day, Twilight Zone, Back to the Future, or perhaps even The Jetsons. The global pandemic continues to ravage our communities and we are all in a strange existence of operating like we used to pre-pandemic in a modified normal.

I am nowhere near being comfortable existing in either space, hence the co-mingling of all the weirdness in my world.  

But there certainly is something that has remained constant through all of this. I am proud to scream from here to there that the constant amazing beat happening in my world is Team UNA. Not only is every person a phenomenal human; each of them are also intelligent, driven, inquisitive, creative, and innovative in their own way.  

Team UNA is chockfull of a wide variety of skill sets and different perspectives. I intentionally hire people to fill the skill gaps that I have so that when decisions are being made and work is being done, there are other voices with differing approaches. I am aware that this kind of team design isn’t something that is very common or possible in every nonprofit. But for us at UNA it has worked well and I am grateful that in every case where there has been an opening on the team I’ve had the opportunity to hire someone that fills a gap on our team.  

I mention all of this because as we approach UNA’s Annual Conference: regroup I want to highlight that, at this juncture, there is an opening to deepen the skill sets on your team and to also widen perspectives of your board and staff. By design, this conference is open to all board and staff. So, together your team could assign sessions based on interest and need at the organization and then intentionally gather afterward to talk about what was learned and map out some modifications that would be useful for your organization.  

As we regroup as a community and sector, there are ways we can make sure to have the best combination of skill enhancement and development as possible. The clients we serve deserve to have the best possible and most equipped team to help them along the way. I look forward to gathering with you all at the end of the month, virtually of course. Cheers to the learning, to the growth, and to the regrouping.