March 01, 2021

Our New and Renewed Friendships - February 2021

Join us in welcoming our new and returning nonprofit friends, from February 2021, to the UNA Community.

New to the UNA Community

BeatALS Benefit

Our mission is to unite schools, communities, and businesses in a concentrated effort to BeatALS. We will provide music, dance, and other art forms as a source of inspiration and comfort to those suffering with ALS and their families. We will educate people about ALS and invite people everywhere to donate their time, money and abilities to BeatALS.

Element 11, Inc

We began as one of the very first official Burning Man Regional Festivals in the world. Since then we have evolved into a dynamic, year-round, active community whose mission is to ignite a sustainable culture of creativity and self-expression! To support our mission, our community has formed a 100% volunteer supported 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization known as Element 11, the same name as our annual festival. We are committed to not only producing a world-class festival the second weekend of July, we are also committed to creating year-round fundraising opportunities, community training programs, social events and service projects. All designed to support and inspire our community of artists and to make a positive difference in the world.

Emerald Hills Institute

Emerald Hills Institute supports the sharing of ideas – but true change happens in partnership with action. Our vision is to enable the actions of service to others whenever possible as it leads to supporting, strengthening, and nurturing our shared and diverse community. Through the arts, culture, humanities, and compassionate service we do our best to fan the flames of human dignity, self-worth, and celebration of our many differences. We dedicate ourselves to using these tools as we work with the people in this remarkable state to enable our fellows towards the greatest expression of their intrinsic human dignity.

Grip Groups

Grip Groups is passionate about every boy’s potential and wellbeing and believes in leaving none behind. Its leadership has decades of experience in youth development, mentoring, business, career guidance, and employment placement which it harnesses to get unmatched results.


CHILDREN NEED THEIR MOMS, AND THEIR MOMS NEED SUPPORT... THAT'S WHERE MOMIVATE COMES IN! As a mom, do you sometimes feel like you need an E.M.T.?? Education, Money, and Time?? Momivate to the RESCUE! Our goal is to help you meet these needs for FREE (that's why we're nonprofit) -- as a "THANK YOU" for the sacrifices you're making to raise the next generation.

Our Village Community Center

As stewards of the land, Our Village Community Center cultivates togetherness and life-long learning for all ages. A sustainable healthy community through a new paradigm of intergenerational connections. We strive for a village-like, diverse atmosphere  where the community comes to learn various skills and experience nature firsthand.

Postpartum Support International Utah Chapter

As a state chapter of Postpartum Support International, PSI Utah offers free phone and email support provided by mothers who have experienced and healed from emotional health complications around pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, miscarriage and loss, as well as helpful local resources and referrals. We bring mothers with lived experience together with medical, mental health and allied professionals in our communities. Our mission is to expand social support for those experiencing perinatal mood or anxiety disorders and to exchange ideas and form relationships to increase and improve awareness, prevention, detection, and treatment of maternal mental health conditions in Utah.

Recycling Education and Development Organization (REDO)

Educating communities to recycle right. REDO, which stands for Recycling Education and Development Organization, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that partners with schools, recycling facilities, community leaders, businesses and other organizations to promote effective recycling. We imagine a circular economy where post-consumer materials are reclaimed and reprocessed locally. Our top priorities are to reduce contamination and make recycling easier to understand. To do that, we’re helping communities reduce the use of single-use items, build visibility around how to recycling right, and create recycling programs for high school students.

Salt Lake Tribune

Building on a legacy of courageous, watchdog journalism, we strive to tell stories that are interesting, important and inclusive. Dedicated to fairness and accuracy, we aim to engage and empower you — our readers. In a historic move, the IRS approved a new nonprofit Salt Lake Tribune in October 2019, making it the first legacy newspaper in the U.S. to transform from a for-profit company to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


For the past 7 years we have distributed hundreds of computers each year to families and students in need. Businesses and others donate computers and volunteers refurbish them. Our hope is to improve the quality of life for those in need. We were established in 2013 as a non-profit, community-based organization with 501(c) status. We partner with other agencies to distribute the computers to qualified recipients. Clients contribute a small administrative fee to help offset the costs of refurbishing the computes and Chromebooks.


Renewing with the UNA Community

A Tall Order Foundation

We have been providing low-cost transitional housing since 2002 when we purchased our first transitional facility in Kearns, Utah. In 2005 we began providing transitional housing that required no deposit or background checks by obtaining a license to operate under Utah Innkeeper Laws. Four years later in 2009 we expanded to over 80 units when we were awarded the contract to manage the Rio Grande Hotel by the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City. We opened our Homeless Outreach Office in 2012 and began a focused approach to end homelessness. We provide housing with increased amenities for those who complete the steps of our program which provides stabilization in their lives.

Adopt-A-Native Elder Program

Adopt-A-Native-Elder serves to help reduce extreme poverty and hardship facing traditional Elders living on the Navajo Reservation. We are a trusted humanitarian organization focused on delivering food, medical supplies, firewood and other forms of Elder support. Respecting the tradition and dignity of Navajo Elders, we create relationships to honor and serve the Elders. What we do for the Elders is based on the principal of the Native American Giveaway. We give our best and give it freely with no expectation of return. The Elders feel gratitude for these gifts, often expressing it through their shy smiles. Some give small gifts such as necklaces in return. Many are too poor to be able to make such a gift. Their gift is to touch our hands and our hearts and to offer their prayers. That is enough.

America First Charitable Foundation

The America First Charitable Foundation provides resources to charitable, educational, and civic outreach efforts that parallel our mission of financial literacy education, and directly supporting organizations that provide resources to the less fortunate in the communities we serve.

Amethyst Center for Healing

Amethyst Center for Healing was founded by two women with the lofty idea of creating safe space for people to find peace within themselves, without judgment, without shame. At Amethyst Center for Healing we are dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities recover from trauma and abuse, so that we may all live peaceful, empowered lives. We understand that sometimes people go through things that never should have happened and that those circumstances can be damaging for everyone involved. We are here to help heal the wounds of trauma and abuse. As trauma informed, solution oriented therapists, we will explore your past, present and potential circumstances with you and help you find a plan for what is going to work best to get you moving forward to the healthy, productive life you want to live.

Community Animal Welfare Society (CAWS)

CAWS is a no-kill, volunteer, and foster-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is working with the community to help animals. As Utah’s oldest animal rescue group, our ongoing rescue, foster, education, and adoption programs help animals whose time is up at shelters, those who are abandoned, and as our resources allow, those whom their owners can no longer keep. We are committed to saving the animals that are often overlooked and under-appreciated at local shelters; this includes, the sick, injured, senior and neonatal kittens and their mothers. We are dedicated to helping those special needs animals to find their forever homes. Our rescue and adoption process is sustainable, innovative, and effective.

Community Development Corporation Of Utah

The Community Development Corporation of Utah (CDCU) empowers residents to become and remain successful homeowners and renters, creating vibrant, sustainable communities. CDCU strengthens our communities by empowering all Utahns through access to affordable housing and financial security. CDCU assists in alleviating the burdens of poverty and financial insecurity so that all Utahns can develop their full potential.

CTA Community Supports

CTA Community Supports, formerly known as Community Treatment Alternatives, has been supporting people with developmental disabilities in Utah since 1985. We support people with autism as well as other developmental disabilities and mental health needs in various settings. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of service and improving the quality of life for our supported people daily.

Dixie State University Community & Global Engagement Office

Led by our Associate Provost, Dr. Nancy Hauck, Community and Global Engagement extends the University’s main campus to regional, national, and global partners. This includes public and private spaces, human networks, and organizations. This creates a vibrant learning ecosystem and provides exceptional learning opportunities for social and economic impact.

Dual King Ranch Foundation

Dual King Ranch was established in 2001 by Bob Bergren and the Dual King Ranch Foundation was established in 2005.  The Dual King Ranch continues to expand to meet the increasing demand for equine-facilitated programming and other life skills-based programs. Dual King Ranch continues to discover the need for their services in a myriad of settings, including addiction to drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, dysfunctional families, substance abuse and Court-appointed individuals that truly need something positive to focus on to help them turn their lives around.

Harry Bertoia Foundation

Harry Bertoia Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization. We EDUCATE and INFORM the PUBLIC about artist HARRY BERTOIA and modern art in general. We collect historical documents of Harry Bertoia and distribute appropriately. We create and expand public displays and educational programs of Harry Bertoia artwork and music.

Hawkwatch International Inc

HawkWatch International is a non-profit organization that works to protect raptors and our shared environment through scientific research and public education. As a non-advocacy group, we tackle the issues one at a time by looking at the latest data to balance smart development and the need for conservation.

I.J. & Jeanne Wagner Jewish Community Center

Enriching the life of the Jewish community and the community at large by offering educational, cultural and recreational opportunities in a place where people of all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs gather in peace and understanding. We Offer: Fitness & Recreational Facilities, Preschool, AfterSchool and Summer Camp programs, Youth Recreation, Community Events — art, lectures, festivals, concerts & more, and Community Outreach & Service.

Mosaic Inter-Faith Ministries

MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries (dba Lutheran Social Service of Utah), incorporated since May 5,1995, celebrated its 25th Anniversary of quality public services to the Utah public in 2020.  As an Agency, we serve diverse elders, seniors, adults, children and infants.  The majority of the people are originally from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bosnia, Myamar, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey and Thailand. Most are new United States citizens.  All of our programs are contextually grass-roots and education-and-employment-driven.

Park City Community Foundation

Park City Community Foundation plays a vital role in solving our community’s most challenging problems. As the philanthropic hub of greater Park City, we help people give back to the place they love.  Community foundations like ours exist to make it easy for people to be philanthropists, to help address challenging issues, to support the nonprofits that are tackling those issues, and to build an endowment to help meet changing needs over time.

Park City Institute

Park City Institute (formerly Park City Performing Arts Foundation) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing world-class performances and innovative ideas to the community we serve. Founded in 1998, PCI introduces emerging artists, welcomes celebrated musicians, produces award winning theater and creates intimate opportunities for Park City to experience and engage with the world’s most creative, inspiring, thoughtful and provocative minds.

Pilar Pobil Legacy Foundation

The Pilar Pobil Legacy Foundation (PPLF) is a Salt Lake City-based nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to support the arts and arts education in Utah.  Building off the tremendous success of "Art in Pilar's Garden," the foundation is in the unique position to create community-based art and educational programs that will positively impact the city's culture now and for future generations. 

Pioneer Craft House

Our mission is to honor our rich history in the community as an art education center by continuing to offer affordable art classes, workshops, and events within Salt Lake County and greater Utah areas. Our goal is to foster​ lifelong participation in and appreciation of the arts. Pioneer Craft House is dedicated to inspiring imagination, exploration transformation, ​and joy through art and crafts education.

Puppets in the City

Puppets in the City is a non-profit performing and teaching company.  We provide puppets, puppet shows, workshops and general puppetry skills. Professional puppeteers are on hand to teach and train you in the art of puppetry. We also create puppets, scripts and shows for all ages. Our shows include themes of no bullying, multi-cultural tolerance, and encouraging/developing literacy.

Realms Of Inquiry

Realms of Inquiry, a cooperative learning community that offers an accredited curriculum for grades 7 through 12, is dedicated to providing a supportive learning environment for bright and intellectually creative students. Working closely with faculty, each student designs a program tailored to his or her particular interests and learning style.

Safe Harbor Crisis Center

Safe Harbor is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, supportive services, and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We also provide education, awareness, and resources to our community. Since Safe Harbor began as a grassroots effort by a dedicated group of citizens in 1997, our services and practices have continued to grow and evolve to meet the needs of survivors, those impacted by violence, and our community. We have implemented strengths-based, trauma-informed best practices recognizing that each person we serve is an expert in their experience.

Salt Lake Education Foundation

The Salt Lake Education Foundation is the exclusive nonprofit associated with the Salt Lake City School District. The foundation is a privately operated, nonprofit organization established to assist the district. The foundation is designed to augment, supplement or complement programs and activities currently being provided by the district. Our mission is to promote student success in the Salt Lake City School District by using private donations to supplement children's educational experiences.

Sandbox Theater Company

Sandbox was created as a result of many talented people who worked together on several large-scale productions. Within the group, the rapport is evident, the work-ethic amazing, and the experience and talent level outstanding!

St. George Children's Museum

The St. George Children’s Museum (“SGCM”) provides vibrant and engaging interactive activities that invite children and families to Discover, Imagine and Create! The vision of SGCM is to accomplish its mission by welcoming all children and encouraging them to appreciate the power of play and exploration. As a part of this process, we will seek to be a creative space which develops confident, informed children who are excited by inquiry and the world around them.

The INN Between

The mission of The INN Between is to end the tragic history of vulnerable people dying on the streets of our community by providing a supportive and safe haven for people who have nowhere to go during a medical crisis. Prior to The INN Between, no adequate solution existed for housing terminally ill and medically frail homeless people, resulting in an average of 50 deaths on Salt Lake area streets annually. We adhere to the hospice philosophy of providing care for the sick, especially the terminally ill, and treating the whole person by providing support for his or her emotional, social, and spiritual needs, not simply the medical symptoms.

The Jung Society of Utah

The Jung Society of Utah is dedicated to serving and nourishing our community by offering workshops and in-depth lectures to stimulate personal growth, healing, creativity, community and self-discovery. Our foundation is based on the works of Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961).

The Refuge Utah

The Refuge offers domestic violence, sexual assault, and housing support services. Get safe. Get help. Get hope.

The Road Home

The Road Home is a private non-profit social services agency that assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County and along the Wasatch Front.

University of Utah Advancement Office

Your support paves the way for continued success at the U. Your gift advances the work of our faculty, students and researchers to enrich lives through education.

Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault

The Coalition of Advocates for Utah Survivors’ Empowerment (CAUSE) was founded in 1996 by a group of people with a vision of uniting Utahns to end sexual violence. The founding goals were to increase support, resources, and services for survivors of sexual assault. As our coalition grew, our goals evolved, and robust prevention efforts were added to our vision. CAUSE became the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault in 2001.

Utah Community Action

Founded in 1965, Utah Community Action is a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive services for income-eligible families. Their six core programs—Head Start, Adult Education, Case Management & Housing, Nutrition, HEAT, and Weatherization—address barriers to self-reliance to empower individuals, strengthen families, and build communities.

Utah Filmmakers

The Utah Filmmakers™ Association (UFA™) engages aspiring filmmakers to approach their desired vocation with professionalism, integrity, and respect, to learn and embrace industry standards, and to understand the requisite business aspects of the craft.

Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund

We empower under-served and low income communities in Utah by providing business training and small business loans up to $50,000 to entrepreneurs in start-up & existing businesses that do not qualify for traditional funding sources.

Utah Sierra Club

The Utah Sierra Club is a team of organizers, volunteers, and grassroots activists who are working to solve the climate crisis in a way that is fair and equitable. We work with communities around Utah to build a movement that protects and defends everyone’s right to a healthy environment.

Utah Valley University - Center for Social Impact

At the Center for Social Impact we use curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular student experiences in six diverse pathways of social impact, listed below. Whether a student, faculty, or community member, you can participate in various programs and events, volunteer or recruit volunteers, and enhance your academic experience through our coursework and scholar distinction.

Waste Less Solutions

Waste Less Solutions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to making a significant reduction in food waste in Utah. We educate consumers and food entities on the issue and solutions, and we offer a food diversion program that engages our community to help rescue edible food and get it to those who are food insecure.

Weber Pathways

Trails Foundation Northern Utah builds trails that create a culture where all have places to walk, run and ride as they enjoy nature and connect with their neighbors in the greater Weber County area.

Weber School District Foundation

The mission of the Weber School Foundation is to raise and provide funds to enhance educational goals and opportunities for students.

Wildlands Network

Wildlands Network works to reconnect, restore and rewild North America so that life—in all its diversity—can thrive. Nature is intimately connected. When one component is changed or lost it can have enduring consequences for the entire system. This interdependence is part of what makes our natural world so remarkable, but also emphasizes the importance of ecosystems remaining intact and unaltered. It was this understanding that, in 1991, led Michael Soulé, Reed Noss, Jim Estes and other preeminent scientists to establish an organization devoted to the continental-scale conservation of core habitat and migration corridors for wildlife. Known today as Wildlands Network, we share our founders’ mission of reconnecting, restoring and rewilding North America so that life—in all its diversity—can thrive. Our work is founded in science, driven by fieldwork and furthered through strategic policy and partnerships.

Youth Futures Utah

Youth Futures provides safe shelter, collaborative resources, respectful guidance and diverse support to homeless, unaccompanied, runaway and at-risk youth in Northern and Southern Utah.