September 22, 2020

2020 UNA Nonprofit Leader Awards

Thank you for all your amazing nominations. We are proud to announce this year's UNA Nonprofit Leader Award Winners:

2020 UNA Outstanding Nonprofit Leader
Jennifer Nuttall: Executive Director, Neighborhood House

Jennifer manages over 70 employees and works tirelessly behind the scenes to support the everyday workers and families on Salt Lake City’s west side. She has spent her career committed to the nonprofit sector, formerly as Development Director at Neighborhood House and Program Director for the Utah Pride Center. As Executive Director at Neighborhood House, she led a Capital Campaign to build a beautiful 57,000 square foot facility which will serve more clients and meet the needs of the community well into the future. She lives in the neighborhood where she works and is passionate about underserved communities. While a single parent raising two teens, Jennifer is still concerned about her staff and clients. Jennifer is compassionate, optimistic, determined, decisive and an exceptional example of a nonprofit leader.

Jennifer Nuttall


2020 UNA Emerging Nonprofit LeaderKrista Useche
Krista Useche: Kids Place Director, The Family Place

With a background in child development, Krista joined The Family Place just over two years ago. She is passionate about family and providing care and a safe space for children dealing with trauma and difficult circumstances. Krista is an inspiring manager and leads a staff of more than 20 full time and part time employees. While The Family Place’s services and employees transitioned to remote operations in March, Krista’s leadership allowed families in the greatest need to still have a safe place to bring their children. She is aware of her employees needs as well as the individual needs of the kids and families served. According to Sheryl Goodey, Executive Director at The Family Place, “Krista has given extra hours, compassion, and sensitivity during this pandemic. She has been on call through it all, willing to put herself at risk to care for children that have been exposed, she is a dynamic leader, has a great depth of knowledge regarding child development and the effects of trauma. She is a single parent who continues her giving even after she returns home."