Mission and History

Our mission is to unify, strengthen, and elevate Utah’s nonprofits.

Our vision is to promote strong and vibrant communities for all of Utah.

Incorporated on June 18, 1990, we serve the 10,000 Utah nonprofits who work in all sectors, on behalf of causes, and in all areas of Utah. UNA makes sure that nonprofits have what they need to succeed by making training, benefits, advocacy, networking, and other services available to Utah’s nonprofits. UNA encourages nonprofits to be ethical, outcome oriented, strategic, and understand best practices that will serve to strengthen our communities.

UNA Credential Program

We operate the UNA Credential, a robust public policy and advocacy program, membership services, and training that is timely and applicable throughout the year. UNA also convenes numerous education and networking opportunities including Utah Philanthropy Day and the UNA Nonprofit Conference. 

Standards of Ethics

We believe strongly that all organizations should follow and adopt a strong Standards of Ethics. This allows organizations to operate from a space of integrity, excellence, accountability, and respect. As a result we created a set of standards for nonprofits called the Standards of Ethics, which is available to our membership.

UNA Shared Values & Statements

Here at UNA we are committed to creating purposeful and intentional spaces for nonprofits in our state. Team UNA is committed to the following values and statements.

Inclusivity: We welcome all nonprofits by being nondiscriminatory, nonpartisan, and physically and digitally accessible.

Learning: We keep an active, open mind and demonstrate a willingness to explore new experiences and concepts; we seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Community: We build community that values people over things and supports nonprofits, the people of Utah, and its resources.

Integrity: We are accountable and strive to be truthful and transparent as we respectfully serve our community.

Humility: We recognize and celebrate the wealth of knowledge in our communities and seek solutions that work for everyone, while understanding our limited capacity and the important of reflection.