Dr. Ruby Chou

Mundi Project

Dr. Ruby Chou is a classical pianist, educator, and arts executive based in Salt Lake City. As the executive director of Mundi Project, a nonprofit community music organization, Dr. Chou focuses on actively breaking down socio-economic and generational barriers by providing quality music experiences for all. As an educator, she works with music students at Weber State University to establish an entrepreneurship mindset for their career in addition to developing their musicianship at the piano. As a performer, she collaborates with musicians of all ages, levels, and instruments.

Dr. Chou earned a doctoral degree in Music and Human Learning from The University of Texas at Austin. She graduated from Manhattan School of Music in NYC with a master’s degree in piano performance and a Bachelor of Music degree from The University of Utah. Ruby immigrated to Salt Lake City from Taiwan at the age of six and speaks Mandarin Chinese.