Vicki Mann


Serving as the Executive Director of a nonprofit radio station, KRCL, for the last four years has provided me day to day experience of living within extremely tight budget constraints and the necessity to be creative while successfully building brand awareness and station revenue streams. I have a keen understanding of budgets, cash flow and solid business acumen. On and off air fundraising is the name of the game in public broadcasting which means rolling up my sleeves and thinking on my feet. Orchestration of hundreds of volunteers, doing what it takes and getting my hands dirty is just part of a typical day here. Events are a big part of our success, especially our annual winter fundraiser, The Polar Jubilee, a party for more than a thousand of our donors. I am ultimately responsible for the planning and execution of all our event which requires coordination of many moving parts and management of volunteers and staff members for well-executed, financially successful events.

As a founder and Station Manager of 88nine Radio Milwaukee, I am proud to have been a part of creating an important new public media outlet in Milwaukee, my home town. I literally helped build a new radio station from the ground up. I was involved in every aspect of preparing the station for air - my responsibilities included drafting the strategic plan and hiring the right people for the right jobs. I managed every facet of launching the broadcast facility - overseeing studio and facility plans, website design, on-line streaming and playlist design, creating a membership database, cultivating donors and negotiations with the FCC and Milwaukee Public Schools and their unions for the operation of the radio station (owners of WYMS’s license). Marketing and promotion was just one of the hats I wore. As a non-profit radio station with little money for marketing, I was responsible for the creation of the Milwaukee Music Awards, the Summer Passport program, Studio Milwaukee events, our annual Mardi Gras and Halloween Parties as well as our “ Name Is” billboard and video campaign.

My time as Advertising Manager and Director of Olympic Radio with the Salt Lake City Olympic Committee afforded me an opportunity to work with Mitt Romney and his team on a daily basis. I learned to do my job quickly, quietly and efficiently. I became a solid contract negotiator as Ad Manager, dealing with publications and media outlets from around the world. As Director of Olympic Radio, I put together, trained and retained a great team of 50 volunteers in a 24/7 operation which required a keen understanding of scheduling, solid communication skills, resourcefulness and keeping cool under stress.

As a manager and a leader, I bring drive and passion to everything I do. I pride myself on flexibility, a critical ingredient for success in event planning and execution. I am a creative big picture thinker, a strong multi-taker with solid attention to detail and follow through. I’m extremely well organized and self-disciplined. I know it takes enthusiasm, shared vision, planning, re-planning, an ability to delegate, problem solve, diplomacy plus a sense of humor and a bit of intuition to be a great manager.

Approachable and well liked, my years of promotion and marketing management have taught me the importance of being respectful, an active listener and patient while being proactive – truly a team player. I'm willing to take calculated risks and, when necessary, I dare to be different. My years in sales and sales management provide me with the ability to understand clients' needs almost before they do.