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Job Description: AmeriCorps is a national organization modeled after the Peach Corps. It is federally funded through the National Corporation for Community Service and the Utah State Commission on Volunteers.

Read Today, part of the Read. Graduate. Succeed. initiative, places AmeriCorps members in elementary schools, grades 1-8, to improve student reading and literacy through two different one-on-one tutoring options. The Mentor Tutoring and STAR program both conducted by volunteers during the school day. Mentor Tutoring is a class-to-class delivery system that is conducted over a six-week period. Data from the past six years shows an average growth of 27.1 words per minute (wpm) on average for students who participate in this program. Adult volunteer tutoring is done using the STAR program. Tutoring occurs twice a week for 30 minutes over 30 weeks. Seventy-nine percent of the students who scored below proficiency on the previous year’s state assessment are likely to score at proficiency after participation in this program.

Guadalupe Charter School is seeking a full-time AmeriCorps Read Today Coordinator to coordinate this program and to serve the students identified to participate. Members will:

1. Recruit literacy tutors (30 volunteers part-time) – Guadalupe has a high list of volunteers
2. Coordinate scheduling of students’ tutoring times and support/supervise literacy volunteers
3. Conduct training sessions using tutoring programs for literacy volunteers
4. Collect and organize student data on reading
5. Attend fall and spring trainings as scheduled
6. Complete assignments and participate in monthly study group
7. Organize service projects for National AmeriCorps Week (May) and Martin Luther King Day

AmeriCorps members will also be required to:
1) Complete 1700 hours during the school year
2) As part of hours, engage in community service – 100 hours
3) Recruit volunteers to act as tutors or mentors in afterschool programs

Full-timers will be paid $15,000 over 10 months and will receive an education award $5,730 at the conclusion of their service.
Location: 1385 North 1200 West, SLC
Status: full time


How to Apply: Interested applicants please send resume, cover letter and 3 references to Sharon Kerr
Closing Date: 8/3/18
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