Job Description: The main goal of a Volunteer Manager is to ensure we have enough volunteers to fulfill our mission. To meet that goal, a Volunteer Manager must perform a variety of duties involving recruitment, training and program planning. Time commitment varies from week to week, but the minimum would be 2 hours a week with the maximum in a week being 10 hours. 10 hours in a week will be rare and when it happens, the majority of it will be weekend time.


Recruit Volunteers
• Create and sustain volunteer recruitment program
• Recruits new suitable volunteers using a variety of methods (attend fairs, community outreach, presentations, etc)
• When applicable meet with potential volunteers to determine if they are a good fit for the organization
• Responds to all email, social media, and phone inquiries about volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Management
• Further develop current volunteer training program
• Provide training to all new volunteers and training materials when appropriate
• Ensure collection of new volunteer intake paperwork and consent forms
• Schedule volunteers and ensure that all workshops and events have the number of volunteers needed
• Create and carryout volunteer appreciation program
• Manages communication among volunteers and the Shimmer Sparkle Shine Project, in order to share news, progress, and available positions

Maintain Volunteer Files
• Create a filing and organizational system for all volunteer intake paperwork and consents
• Maintain filing system with all incoming volunteer intake paperwork and consents
• Assist volunteers, when needed, in filing out and signing paperwork needed to fulfill personal volunteer requirements

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Location: Utah


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